Reiji's Cover! Hitoribocchi no Sadame (Reborn)



Hi guys! I recorded this a few weeks back and just now got around to uploading it! :XD:

This will probably be my last cover for a little while. I'm gonna be swamped with school and my new job so I won't have much free time... :uh..:

Please listen and tell me what you think! :plz:
Wow. What a sudden change in vocal range xD
I really enjoyed listening to that because I felt a lot of power in the chorus. :dote:
Sankyuu!! I really tried hard with this one and i'd had it on my mind for a while!

I do indeed have a fairly large vocal range. :ohoho: Its fun to actually sing like a man once in a while. :innocent:
Kizu: It takes years of constant practice to get vocal flexibility. I started classical training when i was 12 and my range is still evolving. If you wanna try to expand your range, practice a few times a week finding where your high and low vocal breaks are and do some warm ups in those areas. Don't force it though, or you'll end up harming your voice rather than helping. :goodjob:

George: Sankyuu so much! Maybe someday Kajiura-sempai will hear my voice and I can fulfill my dream of being her first male vocalist! :dote: ...*sigh* a man can dream... :rain:

Kera: Arigatou! I love pulling my man voice out of nowhere every so often because everyone goes :fwa: Maybe I'll sing you a special song on your birthday :sparkleguy:
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I liked it! woohooo! xD

/me likes hibari-san.. :plot:
You sing so much better when singing as a guy. This was pretty impressive.

Houseki, on the other hand...

So please stick to singing in your natural range!
I agree with RaveD.'
There was a Houseki??? :omg:
Oooh... intriguing.. :plot:

Thanks you guys! You're awesome! :shy:

Yes Kizu, there is a houseki but I am not posting it here because i am not proud of it... :uh..:

Ayashii said:
Why are you not a professional singer?

The song is quite nice too!
One day I hope to be! I'm gonna kick and scream and spam CPM with covers until I make it to the top! :TdT: :XD:
Double post so you can see this:

I love your version better by far over the original. The guy's voice scratches my brain. Yours has just the right kind of gentle manliness!

We (I) demand more!

Ayashii said:
We (I) demand more!

AND YOU SHALL GET MORE!!! ...eventually... :uh..: School is being a bitch at the moment, but I'm currently working on two new songs, Sakura Addiction (which is from the same series and is a duet between the guy from this song and another guy), and Mirotic (Korean Version) by DBSK, which is giving me some trouble cause korean romanization is hard... :blood: I'm going to try to have another song up before the end of the month! :sparkleguy:
Reborn! Ahh, I totally love this song and you did such a great job!
KHR is teh best show ever...xD

Jessica said:
Reborn! Ahh, I totally love this song and you did such a great job!
KHR is teh best show ever...xD

Sankyuu so much!

:waii: ANOTHER REBORN FAN! :sohappy: That show/manga is my fave serise!!! Do you go to Otakon? If you do you should TOTALLY come to the Reborn panel hosted by me and some of my besties! :sparkleguy:
P.S. Lambo is my favorite, especially 25yr old Lambo... :nosebleed: :nosebleed: :nosebleed: :nosebleed: And Lussuria, hes so FABULOUS!
Lol, yes, I love KHR!

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not much of an Anime fan. Just some, but rarely. Katekyo Hitman Reborn has caught my interest so far and I like it because it's very hilarious! Yes, Lambo is such a cutie, though annoying sometimes which makes him funny. Other than Lambo, I like Basil. he's an adorable eye candy ^__^!

No, I don't go to Otakon or conventions at all. Never been to one, but if you live near where I live, I might go and check it out. :sohappy:
:nosebleed: OMG Impressive voice.

You are the karaoke master. Amazing work. Please we want more.
I can't wait to see you sing a kajiuran song.