Random YK covers

So I found a Japanese cover project that has covered a lot of songs, including several YK works, radwimps, etc. The YK works so far are Akatsuki No Kuruma by FJYuuka, Anna ni Issho datta no ni by See-Saw, and Magia by Kalafina https://youtu.be/fGrnFVC-5cI
Yes. There's lots of those so called "male versions" of different JP songs on YT, (I remember some AKB48 for example), and almost all of them are just pitch-shifted original recordings.
I’d certainly gladly make more true male versions, but I don’t have more equipment than a webcam to record harmonies and put them together . . .
You could get a cheap condenser microphone and an audio interface with 1 channel to start out. Shouldn't be more than 100 bucks.
I would always get to the final rounds of Con Idol contests with Canta Per Me even though I have to sing it solo, so I might post that on YouTube out of boredom . . . . :confu: