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Random goodies for the curious, etc.

I didn't want to bump my guide/unreleased rips thread to not give hope that I finished something new, lol.
Maybe I'll later ask to merge this thread with the other at some point, I don't know yet.

There's going to be some 6ch tracks from movies, some stereo tracks taken from random DVD/BD audio or their menus that are less compressed/higher quality (at least on paper) than versions released on CD.

I'm not yet sure if I want to post full songs publicly since they are all technically "released", just not in these versions and I did have to edit half of them to make them somewhat listenable... Doubt SME would care that much for Karafina since that's over and done but then some newer popular stuff is hmmmm... Maybe I'll keep them up for a short while and then remove them. I don't know...

Every upload is on mega so figure it out. If you're having problems with RAR5, let me know. Would 7z be better for everyone?

(post reserved for more info later maybe)
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Tracks below _usually_ have less dynamic compression than the released OST.

Random BD rips
El Melloi II ("closing the case" / overly amplified OP&ED tvisize)​
ERASED / Boku dake ga Inai Machi ("only I am missing" alt ending ver / overly amplified ED tvsize)​
Kuroshitsuji (Kalafina "Lacrimosa" tvver)​
Madoka Magica Movies ("she is a witch" / "witch world #2" / "Noi!")​
Swordart Online Alicization War of Underworld ("on the counterattack")​
Shounen Onmyouji (OP tvver)​

Fena Pirate Princess / Kaizoku Oujo - BD menu rips 48kHz/16bit
Pre-OST mastering it would seem. Full but end maybe a second too early. That's how it is in the BDMVs. :/​
"dawn is breaking, ship is on the way" / "calling of my heart" / "everyday is a gift" / "vise versa" / OP&ED tvsize​

Princess Principal Crown Handler - BD menu rips 48kHz/24bit
1 bgm per movie. Seemingly full.​

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batch1 of mostly Karafina 6ch mixes with some extra KNK

I finished re-doing my edits for 6ch audio of YK/Karafina/KNK/PuellaMagi stuff (after last doing it in 2018). It was a journey as usual - I uploaded the files like 3 times today and every time I was about to create a thread I found something wrong with them, lol. They're not perfect by any means but hopefully there won't be any apparent snafus this time.

Anyways, before I get to the 6ch flacs...

I thought that maybe not everyone is interested enough to download 2GBs for 70minutes of multichannel music of varying quality - I made mp3s for each center-channel & rear-channels of every song. You can hear some vocal stuff cleaner, which I presume is what peaked @Saber's interest in the other thread.


Now onto the 6ch stuff... oboi.
Frankly these should've been a tokuten on Karafina's All Time Best (alongside b-sides and previously unreleased instrumentals) instead of 3cds of one live. But maybe that's just me and my interests...

If you notice anything wrong - pops, volume bumps or whatnot, let me know. If they are at my edit points, I'll try to fix them again. I couldn't notice anything myself anymore.

Most songs' endings overlap with after-credit scenes - I usually added a short fadeout.

FLAC, 6ch, 24bit*, 48kHz, with ReplayGain that hopefully makes all the tracks somewhat even
  • knk01 / oblivious
    "oblivious" starts during the first movie and IMHO it's impossible to make it sound good - way too much noise and way too many changes in volume. Thankfully the Remix movie (which is a recap for the first 6) features songs in decent capacity, too. In Remix "oblivious" is overlapped with a short instrumental of m01/"in the garden of sinners" (rather poorly, you'll hear a bump in volume when "oblivious" starts). It's not ideal but it's better than the 1st movie audio alone. I used audio from the first movie for the intro of m01 (right until the harp, has some wind sfx), then Remix audio (until "oblivious" bass comes in for enough of a distraction from different sound quality between Remix and 1st movie) and then back to the first movie for the rest of the song proper.
  • knk02 / Kimi ga hikari ni kaete yuku
    Starts during the movie again with an extended fade-in. I chose to use the proper intro from Remix audio almost until the vocals.
  • knk03 / Kizuato
    No real issues. Just a sudden cut at the end - I added a short fadeout.
  • knk04 / ARIA (?movie ver)
    Oboi. So "ARIA" starts with a short unreleased strings part in the fourth movie. Audio for that intro from the 4th movie is unusable because of dialogue in side channels. The same dialogue is not mixed in side channels in Remix though so I used that for the first 22seconds or so. Unfortunately there was some chirping from birds at the start in both - I chose to apply a fade-in a little into the first note for a better listening experience (hopefully) but you can still hear a quick chirp at least once later I believe...
    Side note: it would appear that beginning with the 4th movie someone at ufo (I presume) started applying significant gain to audio (both stereo and multichannel). If my memory serves, this movie's stereo audio is more compressed/limited than the CD release for the song.
  • knk05 / sprinter
    No real issues.
  • knk06 / fairytale
    Welp. This was a project. "fairytale" starts during the movie and the intro is unusable for listening purposes. Remix unfortunately also doesn't have a complete clean intro. I chose to splice it with m01 which isn't exactly the same as the song but I think I made it work. m01 used until various points before kajiurago, then Remix until right after cello starts and then movie audio for song proper.
    *Another curiosity: music in the 6th movie (and music only) appears to be 16bit. 6th movie's music in Remix is 24bit. ufo???
  • knkRemix / Remix -Gate of seventh heaven- ED medley
    I included "snow is falling" from Epilogue in these rips and since that's not a Karafina song, I also included this. Calling it a medley is a little much since it's just a few partial BGMs crossfaded together but whatevs. For the curious to again discuss if Fion is singing some iconic moments. ;)
  • knk07 / seventh heaven
    Starts during the movie with lots of SFX. I applied a fade-in, edited SFX from the center out but you can still hear some in the side channels. I guess they're negligible considering the intro's nature.
  • knk08 / snow is falling (?movie ver)
    Starts during the Epilogue, nothing to be done about it but a fade. Tried adjusting the first part's volume ever so slightly until Yuriko comes in.
  • knk09 / Alleluia (?movie ver)
    Ending overlaps with after-credit scene way too early. Nothing to be done - fade applied to the after-credit scene rather than the song.
  • knk10 / dolce
    No issues.
  • madomagi mov01 / Magia [quattro]
    No real issues.
  • madomagi mov01 / Hikarifuru
    No real issues.
  • madomagi mov03 / Kimi no gin no niwa
    No issues except the 6ch mix is ass.
    Unfortunately I don't think "misterioso" is something that could be rescued to a listenable state. Another reason why these 6ch mixes should've been a tokuten for All Time Best... :/
batch1 Fin.

Different stuff to come.
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Continuing from the ridiculously random thread.

Dream Port DVD live... It hurts my ears. Are the audio channels desynced? If they are, is it a mistake or just an artistic choice?

Here's a guesstimate fix (right channel delayed by 1601 samples):

Original for comparison:

I prefer the resync compared to the original but well... that's me. I think the original was a messup...

It happened on I'm here anime PV from MADLAX DVDs but that was easy to notice it was a mistake since we had multiple releases of that...
And I should stop procrastinating and upload all the random shit I was supposed to upload but then never tagged...

Edit: Aww, crap. I forgot the actual song wasn't called Dream Port, lol... Pardon the tag.
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