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akai tsukikage

I have reached Yuki nirvana
WAh thay look so bigg on this photo xD you've done it on purpose ? x3
waaw there was many other pockys ? :omgwtf:
hmmmI already smell the chocolate from here xD

does the milk taste good ? :huh:
and the marble ? :huh: lol pretty box xD
and the winter ? :huh: they look like the normal in chocolote o_o
and the strawberry ? :cry: :comeback: :comeback: :comeback: :cry:


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Mido... in 2 or 3 month?
You sure know that the Nihon Day is on June 14th?
Don't you have a vecation iCal entery? XDDD

Ichigo Pockys FTW! :cry:


mmmm the milk ones were very very tasty :dote: :dote: :love:
I think i like them more than strawberry now hehe
I haven't opened the rest of them yet :XD:
The "winter" one is not smooth chocolate, it looks powdery "fuzzy", maybe to imitate snow? mmmmm i want to try them next but i don't want to destroy the shiny boxxxxx

there were many other flavors like caramel marble and chestnut, maybe i will get them next week :XD:


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
i bought some pockys today =) (bought one of each flavour sold in the market :bwahaha: )

Chinese & Korean Markets sell here:

Milk, chocolate, coffee, chocobanana and almond pockys:mmmmmmm :goodjob:

i luved all of them, especially the milky pocky :aww:

they were delicious!!!!!!!

i have one question: i thought pockys were made only in Japan, but the Pockys i bought here were from Japan, China and Thailand (Thai pockys are smaller than Chinese and Japanese, and cuter (the milky pocky has a kawaii cow :aww: ). Japanese pockys are bigger, and easy to open.



Or course I have ate... but I didn't know that were called like that ^^

maxwell9 said:
@Lugh: ¬¬
What :ayashii: You know that is a joke ^^ XD

And, it's kind of true, we are very apart from the rest of the world...



hmm i ate all the one i bought and my favorite one is milk!!!!!

The marble one is VERY BAD value! there are only 3 packages inside with 4 sticks each O_O FOURRRRRR

The winter one (and also the marble one) taste just like normal chocolate >_< boooringggggg but winter one is a bit better ebcause there are 6 sticks and 4 packages per box.

Best is MILK!!!


Ok Kerahna is going to send me some Pockeys

Right? XDXD :ayashii:

Well... I see if I buy some here...


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Kerahna said:
ahh i went to the grocery store today but forgot to bring a camera so i took some home :XD: there are soooo many choices so it was very hard to pick :comeback:


milk - because midori mentioned it and i wanted to try :XD:
marble - the box was pretty
"winter" limited edition - o_O the box is shiny heheheee
strawberry - the one i usually get ^-^

EEHHHHHHHH!?!? :omgwtf:

I want too!!! All shops that sells pockys are in helsinki. One shop have webshop, but you must order over 30€, so they post your order...

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Yuki is my reason for existence
I recently tried pocky for the first time. :dote: I've tried strawberry and chocolate, the only ones at the store, Chocolate is my favorite .


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Pocky Day :XD:

I've only tried Pocky once, being the strawberry kind. Some people brought it in for my school's international festival, and it's really good. It's sweet, but not sickening sweet.

Spirica Rose

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I didn't know there was such a thing. Cool!

I've had strawberry and chocolate. I like to munch of them for their texture.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
Hey, here you find them in every supermarket. Well, it's a locally made product, not branded "pocky", but with official license from Glico. And with much, much fewer variations, alas.
This said, I promised myself to bring some from Japan... and failed. Not even eaten one on location. Would had tried the blueberry kind, at least:touched:
Not much time spent in shopping anyway~~


@Daiima I bought a few packets in the departure area at Narita airport just before returning home from some visits to Japan (tax free prices).


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
I know Pocky are available at some Asian supermarkets in the US, but I haven't ever bought any. I actually have never been to an Asian supermarket here, but I've just heard that they're available from other people :XD: