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今日事務所に行ったらKalafinaのKeikoさんにお会いしました♡今日も麗しくてかっこよかったなぁぁぁあ………(余韻にひたっている)そして出来立てほやほやの!S×W EPを持って、お写真を撮っていただきました!来月は香港とシンガポールでもご一緒させていただきます♡楽しみ!

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Wow is that the same Luna that did "sora wa takaku kaze ga utau"? She looks way better without all that goth Lolita make up. Way better than how she looks on that album cover they're holding
I had the exact same thought, lol. I saw her and thought "omg, is that Haruna Luna? She's actually looking cute here!"


I have reached Yuki nirvana
It's become quite obvious no one follows Haruna Luna here except maybe me lmao
She doesn't wear goth loli all the time, her latest single windia is actually quite bright with some similar allusion to Kala's believe PV