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This will derail the thread once again (then again I don't think this SAO CD is worth talking about lol and I didn't know where to post about it) but I got Dream Port in my suggestions on that Kajiura interview so I went ahead and watched it.

I would recommend everyone to watch it and pay attention to Wakana. Not to how she sounds but to how she moves & behaves compared to her-eye-squinting&stiff-self today. Makes me sad.
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honestly i'm a pervert here but everytime i watch that dreamport performance i can't help but noticing how sexy wakana was when she's not as thin as she's now *bricked to death* that dress and her short hair...dayum.
(my attention is all focused on how sexy she looked, sorry)


In dream port video (excluding the obvious voice difference) is more relaxed and focused on singing, she moved without looking stressed.

Btw i think this discussion about Wakana. would best feet in the vocalist vocal discussion thread

@ritardando I consider her best looking self something between then and now, lets say how she was in parallel hearts.
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but parallel hearts was too "then" (2009) not to mention her hair and outfit were hideous in parallel hearts PV (tho to be fair - they all had hideous outfit for that PV, it's like they just pick some random clothes from their own closet).

if you mentioned stone cold (2011) then yeah it's kinda in between. stone cold also had sexy wakana with straight hair but i was talking about her body here - hmm that body and legs in the Dream Port video...:love::nosebleed::punched::imdead:

Wakana's sprinter/ARIA outfit is kinda unflattering tho I like how she bend her body in that ARIA performance.

it's weird that Wakana actually looked more relaxed back then when she herself said in one Kalafina interview that the pressure of performing live was just too much for her she considered quitting...although maybe she had different perspective on performing as a part of FJ, which is only like as a performer for Kajiura where she's on the stage but maybe she considered herself as just an accompaniment to Kajiura, if you know what I mean. in Kalafina she's her own person as a part of 3-members singing unit.
right now on stage she's just concentrating hard not to mess their (already messed up) choreography lmao


since there's nothing to discuss until into the world/marchen


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Too lazy to find the correct thread, hue.

I was just watching some performances of the arena live, and I noticed that when Wakana breathes her chest inflates. When doing proper breathing and breath support, the abdominal area would be the one that inflates. Expanding your chest causes tension.

Also, when singing high notes you're supposed to open your mouth more to help the larynx open and let the voice come out properly (they call it the "yawn"). Her mouth stays open the same as any other note, and for some reason tends to look down. Out of habit probably, but wouldn't surprise me if it also causes tension, hue. Just raising your shoulders while breathing in causes tension.

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I remember I used to not understand what WAKANA sings becauseshe pronoujces things weirdly (like "mirai no naka e" sounds like "mirai no naka aaaaaah"). It used to bother me but the new releases don't have that quality in her voice anymore.

She's definitely gotten better at pronouncing but I guess that means she also screwed up her chest/ab breathing technique???


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I think it's because Wakana sang with a rounder tone in her voice compared to now, and the Japanese "e" sound sounds more like "ah" to us English speakers when it's pronounced rounder. She also slurred a lot of words. In that example, I think she's just letting off the "e" with more of an "ah" sound, too.

Another example (ironically from the same song), would be how "mabushisa ni mada tachitsubumu" is sang more like "mabushisa ni mudu dachitsubumu"


Wakana almost always projects her "e" as "a" if she has to hold the notes longer, even now. She sings "canta, dolce" as "canta, dolcaaaaaaaaa" as one example. and it's not even because her accent.