Paper's cover songs~



Hey guys ;)

Well, as some of you might have read, singing is one of my main passions~
I've been singing my whole life, but it was only about two years ago that I started to upload some of my cover songs on YouTube.
I started with singing japanese, though I admit that my knowledge of the language is close to non-existant *cough*
Well, at some point I started to adapt japanese songs into german and that's what I've been doing eversince. Of course I still enjoy singing in japanese too, I simply love the language.

To make a long story short, since I'm just madly in love with "Kalafina", I've started to adapt some of their songs in german. As you know the instrumentals don't include the Kaijuran chants and the background vocals, so I made them myself (which is really fun, I love it)

Here we go:

Oblivious [German FanCover]

~ Lacrimosa ~ [German FanCover] (TV-Size)

STORIA [German FanCover]

Incase you want to know anything about the german lyrics just let me know ^^
Of course I'm posting this to recieve your criticsm and or any suggestions you might have for me - in any case: Thank you for reading my long rant!
Omgsh!! This is you!!!!
I am a MAJOR fan of your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no idea how to express my praise for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOOOOVED storia ;________________;
OMFG! It's you! :sohappy:
Someone shared your storia cover on the chat some time ago. :nosebleed:
You're all so kind and sweet~ Thank you, you're comments really mean a lot!

I just love "Lacrimosa" - especially since it was the ending for "Kuroshitsuji", which is one of my favorite animes. Those harmonies were definitely tough on me XD I had fun singing them but boooy, they were hard to do~ Thank you, Eli!

For real? o,o Wow, honestly, I never thought my work's well known~
I'd never call myself famous though XD I'm just happy if people think I don't suck to much *cough*
I mean, after all it's Kalafina and they're amazing... and... well... *__*

Oh~ Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed "Storia"! :3

Thank you~ :shy:

I will XD

@stormy panda:
Wow, that's awesome! I really need check out everything here~ I'm still a total n00b >,< *runs off to explore everything*
Another German versions of Yuki's song....>////////<..... Oh....everyone made me want to try to do it in my language version....>////////<. I love both lyric and your singing.... They' great..!!! I like your Lacrimosa so much :dote: even it's not one of my favourite Kalafina's song. Oblivious is obviously

As for Storia, I think there's a bit off-key part in high note chorus in the middle of the song (only one time..I about 1.15, and I think the original use the lower key.).., but it's almost perfect! I also love your Storia..^ ^.

Also, there're some parts in Storia that.. I think you sang the chorus melody instead of the vocal melody, and it sounds a bit weird for me because this melody is repeated many times in the song. I think it would be better (just my opinion, it doesn't mean that your singing style is bad) if you sing the vocal melody instead. (They appeared many times in the song, and it's the parts that have the same melody as the first line of the song that Hikaru sang. also..I feel that the last note at the end is different from the vocal melody, but it's ok because this part isn't repeated in the other parts of the song.)
@Kagaribi no Hanabira

Thank you so much for the praise! Oh, you should really do a version in your language if you ask me~ *_*

The parts in "Storia" you were speaking of - I can see what you mean. After hearing a song over and over again I have a tendency to overhear certain things X'D But thanks for pointing that out, I'll see if I can re-record these parts ^.~

As for "Sprinter" - I finally managed to finish it! YES! *snoopy dances*
My internship left very little time for singing and now it's over and I have more time :3
It was really tough (well, which Kalafina song isn't, eh?) and this time I did a japanese version first - I really love singing japanese, but my pronunciation is horrible >.<'' *sigh*

Cool cover.... :dote: ...some part in Sprinter is too fast for me to try it... :uh..: ..., but I think you did very well.. lol.