New single of Kalafina



Yuki Kajiura has posted two post recently, one about gardening and another one much more interesting in which announces the release of a new single of Kalafina for 2008/4/23 entitled Re/oblivious. It seems it will include a remix version of Oblivious, an acoustic version of Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Yuku and a pice called Interlude (among other three songs I think).

You can also find more information on Kalafina's main site and on Yuki's blog.

By the way, although I'm not certainly sure (If there is someone on this forum with a good level of Japanese please, confirm it) I think that Kalafina will also sing at Dream Port 2008 or in another own performance.
If there was a course called "how to be a Yuki's fan" It should include also a course of Japanese hahaha or Yuki could think in their fans out of Japan and write a bilingual forum

but she must be very busy with all her projects to take time to translate her own forum and we want her to focus at 100% on her awesome music.
LOL one day we should actually write a document titled "how to be a Yuki Fan" and pin it to the top of the forum XD
bilingual blog ? hmmm maybe WE should translate her blog *dreaming of a section called Yuki's blog translation* but we don't have any japanese in the forum ;__;

LOL ! "how to be a Yuki Fan" ?? xD aaah we'll put crazy things and make her run away again haha
何? 本当に日本語の事が出来るの人が無い? 残念だなぁ~
japan probably has their own big fanbase and spend their time laughing at us and our translation mistakes T___________________T;;;;;;
Seems like its the official tracklisting:

  1. oblivious ~ 俯瞰風景 mix [6]
    interlude #01 [2]
    君が光に変えて行く ~ acoustic ver. [3]
    interlude #02 [1]
    傷跡 ~ piano2 mix [4]
    finale [2]
wow, thanks a lot for the update! Really looking forward to this XD
This CD seems to be selling for cheaper than the original single even though its longer and limited edition D: must grab one quick~
hmmm where will you buy it ? <_>
They sell it in amazon for 27$ x_x

Simple cover. Well, this is the box and the real cover is inside like the oblivious single... I think ^^U
waaa the first image of what I ordered ! xD
Ohhh a box ?! I wish there is not only the CD but some surprises within it ! :P

thanks kazado for this image ^o^
how many Yen equal with 1 Euro?

Holy cr*p!! Its so cheap! Only 14.50 USD for that treasure (and since euro is more "powerful" its price in euro is lower) in greece some magazine with "present" cost 13 Euros