New Collaboration between Kajiura and Kaori Hikita



Kaori Hikita is a singer who has sing twice for Yuki, once for the ending of Loveless and another for the opening of Shonen Onmyouji.
Now, according with the Japanese Wikipedia, Kaori Hikita will sing "Namae no nai michi", the ending theme of the new anime "Amatsuki", which it will be aired on April. The lyrics of the song will be writen by Yuki Kajiura.
ah, she writing the music ^_^
its weird when i typed あまつき into wiki it gave me no results :S

Thanks a lot for the news :D I love Kaori's voice! So clear and in that perfect region between too deep and too squeaky XD
Actually I found it by chance hahaha I was looking for some information about keiko being one of kalafina's singers and I found this information.

I've put here the link to the main site of amatsuki It would be great if Yuki did the soundtrack but unfortunately her collaboration is just with the ending.
You are right, Yuki composes the music and not the lyric as I thought. I mixed up the kanji sorry hahaha. Thanks for posting it on the main site
whoooaaa all in japanese =____= I do not understand any "word"...
Great job Jin ! Even if Yuki haven't tell in her blog about that song, you find it out !
woops I have to complete the vocalist page about Hikita Kaori ^^' (forgive meh Kerahna, I'll do the vocalist first ^^)

And have you find any informations about Keiko and Kalafina ?
Sorry, unfortunately I couldn't find information about Kalafina and Keiko on Wikipedia, it appears just the name of the group in the article about Kara no Kyoukai. There's no a full article about them.
I've tried to find it out looking at Yuki's blog also but she refers to the Kalafina's members as "vocal-san" without giving names.
someone must know somewhere! they cant guard the secret that closely if they've revealed the photos!


June 18, same day as the release of the sound horizon collab XD

TVアニメーション「あまつき」EDテーマ 名まえのない道/引田香織
品 番 : FCCM-0229
形 態 : CD
価 格 : \1,050(税込)
ポイント : 5%還元(53 pt)
発売日 : 2008/6/18
発売元 : フロンティアワークス
販売元 : フロンティアワークス/販売協力:ジェネオン エンタテインメント
予約終了日 : 2008/06/17
I have to mark this day on the calendar, June 18th will be an amazing day hahaha thanks for the news.