My new amv.


My new amv. If you have clicked the link that is in my signature you sure have noticed that I have made some amv with Yuki's music

The link to my Youtube account is :

The videos are:

1) Total Eclipse
2) I talk to the rain
3) Hear our prayer
4) My dear feather
5) (NEW) Salva nos (Fiction version)

Because the video quality in youtube is crappy, I uploaded 5) in Megaupload too

Enjoy! You can comment here or in youtube
woooah yuri's face popping up startled me! hahahah XD

Maybe you should write in the video description that the vocals are by yuri so that people don't think it's a photo of yuki
haha what a fright I had when I saw Yuri's face "O___O'
hey hey what does amv mean ??
Hmm, I always thought it meant "Anime Music Video" lawl