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more LOLz

akai tsukikage

I have reached Yuki nirvana
I think our friends are always there for hearing our problems (even love problems) and advising us...
aah but this is so LOL ! xD
hey Kerahna do approve this ? "Women like laughter, compliments and magic tricks." haha but every one like laughing ! xD
it's like horoscope what he is doing...saying things that everyone knows...He's afraid of getting his hands dirty -____-

I like his face ROFL !! xD
aah there are so many geeks and no life in japan...what a shame...being afraid of a girl -____-'

In France I have never seen something like that...


hmm maybe i should try to convince everyone to go to this school and tehn feed me laughter, compliments, and magic tricks :D