MADLAX MIX (short cover attempt)

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Hayden Kurosaki

Hi guys. :spotlight:

I made a cheap Audacity instrumental of the live version of Madlax and tried to touch up my take on this song 1.) as a solo, and 2.) as a man.

Before I talk about extra stuff, link:

Anyway, even though you're supposed to have an audition video sent in half a year before the event, I managed to squeeze my way into the typical "____Con Idol" competitions you find at an anime convention, last Fall. Using both Canta Per Me and this song, to my surprise I managed 4th place out of 11 finalists.

The feedback I got from a very respectful judge of the contest was that with my voice, I shouldn't have sung the song while smiling (which I did again by accident for the first half of the video) because I sounded extremely "pop-ish" and I definitely hate that myself. (I couldn't help it at the time; I'd only had the entire The BEST LIVE 2 album for two days, and the song made me tearfully ecstatic.)

I apologize in advance for this video, as I have no idea why I was so nervous in front of a phone while in front of about 100 people in a small room, I just sang the song. :confu: I was just hoping to channel my inner Atlas Star!

Bless the quality, I'm still not over my lung abscess and so that's a bit of a factor, too . . .
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