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Mabuhay Minna-san!


I like Yuki
I'm greenteasoya from the Philippines! I've been listening to Yuki Kajiura since I heard the OST of Tsubasa Chronicles and Kalafina since Lacrimosa. Glad to have finally decided to make an account here since I've been "stalking" this website for lyrics and other updates for the past how many years since it first popped up in the search engine when searching for Kalafina + song name or Fiction Junction + song name.

I guess I'll have tons of back reading to do. I hope to enjoy communicating with other members and participate in other activities/ fan projects that we shall be doing.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
welcome to cpm! Lacrimosa was my introduction to kala (and kajiura) as well. do you have a favorite soundtrack by kajiura?


wow so you are prectically just as old fan as me, as my first YL anime was also Tsubasa :D

You 're welcome to the greenteasoya forum and i hope you will enjoy your stay :)

PS: do you put soy sauce inside green tea ? :confu: