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List of songs by Yuki Kajiura with missing lyrics


Could we please have a list anywhere of Yuki Kajiura's songs whose lyrics are not on the main site or are incomplete (even as part of the lyrics page)?


For that, we need someone to count them XD

I still have to upload the kajiurago of the Madoka movies ost, so these shouldnt be considered missing. We probably also miss Timecard love lyrics since grunty just shared the scan, also Mamoritai Kara. I dont remeber any other atm.


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what I have so far (only including ones that Kajiura wrote the lyrics for)

Goodbye, my friend (RadioGenic)
おやすみ (エルフ版 下級生 「Melody」)
闇の生誕 (ミュージカルサクラ大戦~花咲く乙女 ― オリジナル・サウンドトラック)
太正デモクラシー (ミュージカルサクラ大戦~花咲く乙女 ― オリジナル・サウンドトラック)
胸の光 (ミュージカルサクラ大戦~花咲く乙女 ― オリジナル・サウンドトラック)
GET INTO THE SUN (聖夜 Silent Night)


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Kugayama said:
We appear to be missing lyrics to Eien from See-Saw's "I have a dream".
I had done a translation (That I have to correct) on the forums.

We have it. But noone wants to put them in because YK didn't compose the music nor write the lyrics for it. Which I find that as a bunch of bull.
No matter what, YK was a part of see-saw. all see-saw songs should be put on the lyrics page.


^ Thanks for the information - considering that it is a See-Saw song it should be included although mentioning who composed the music and lyrics for it.


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Question: are we counting "Mimiru" (from .hack sound and song ost2) as an Instrumental? :confu:


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How about "through the gate" (from Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack, track 11)? I haven't found that lyric at the lyrics index. It's more like a kajiurago. Why you guys haven't post it?

and by the way, can you explain me what is the title of this song?(kajiurago hear-like), a scene from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, where Real Syaoran has awaken? Please, I'm so curious about it.
Don't worry, the video has been edited into the instrumental music only, so I believe you can hear the kajiurago very clearly. If it was really kajiurago lyrics, you should post it immediately. Everyone who comment in Youtube were really so curious


^ about "through the gate" we didnt bother doing it because its only 1 phrase, "omedista" or something.

about the second its still unreleased so we dont know its title.