KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday

Dafuq is this static again. They just hate me/us.

Are they trying to make you feel like you're in that office? With the TV's on? And the outside noise?
I want to have a chat with someone in charge cause this ain't it.
have you figured this out yet?

is it really someone putting the microphone over in the room? it's so bizarre lol.
It's TV static. Like the TVs in the office image they're using now.
Same with the outside noises in other scenes. They're trying to make this an "immersive" experience. :blood:
what? so those hammerings, construction drilling, cars passing by are intentional?

ahaha lolz, epic fail. it's so bad. it could have been "immersive" but this is just annoying.
It's like not only do we have to get lucky with them playing certain tracks, we also have to be lucky enough that it's not during a window or TV scene.


And yes, sorry for spamming, I am frustrated. This is just horrible teasing and I hate it and them for it. Plz2release expanded KNK music set.
Heavens, those movie 3 soundtracks demos were like a shiny Pokemon... And the violin replacement has pure vibes of unreleased versions of Noir OST. It seems that set it's happening each 24h, could be...?

Just for fun, trailer where the demo vocals were used:
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… eh this just about got ridiculous. would be interested in new stuff but really if it’s with sfx…