Keiko (non-Kajiura) (pre-2020 debut)

What I was referring to was that a blogger was saying things that seemed to others contradictory or hypocritical, so that means there was a difference of opinion between how the blogger saw the situation and how some others saw it. But I could be wrong, since I don’t know very much about this thing, having only found out yesterday when I saw a few posts in this thread, and so stumbled on a song that I kind of liked, which was really the only thing that mattered to me about all this.
Well, if you can't see the hypocrisy in the blogger:
1) stating in their post that they hate secrecy and elitism; but also
2) admitting to and offering privately sending information that they had received in private to their followers (see no.1); and then
3) throwing a hissy fit that someone "could not keep their mouth shut" (see no.2);
I guess you could be confused. And all that about two, 10 year old, officially released songs.

Still, a controversy this is not.
Controversy was kind of overstating it. I guess controversy is more appropriate for describing disagreements about coronavirus response policies and Kim Jongun-shi’s health, rather than disagreements about whether it’s ok to talk about pachinko songs.
I understand - you don't see the hypocrisy in that post.

Well, no problem. What's done is done.
Oh no, I definitely see the hypocrisy. I would psychoanalyze it as a desire to be exclusive and special while needing attention from the masses at the same time. Very similar to how a lot of music artists start out very artsy fartsy but then sell out to become corporate shills. But everyone is hypocritical at one time or another, so I’m not surprised or disappointed by it.
Oh no, I definitely see the hypocrisy. I would psychoanalyze it as a desire to be exclusive and special while needing attention from the masses at the same time.
Oh wow, so you just described how that blog reads to me. Don't know if you actually think that or just wanted to be nice and entertain my side of our little discussion here but I appreciate it either way. ^_^
It’s because I meant what I said that I expressed it in such a specific way bordering on clinical. But I’m also sincere that I don’t think any less of her for her flaws since I’ve also said and done similarly hypocritical things, sometimes for those same reasons.
Putschki is a user who believes the Kala girls are holy beings and above reproach. Remember this is not the mind set of a healthy individual. I was unpersoned by her for simply saying that quality of music matters if you're a music act. Don't feel too bad about it.

I don't want to be 'that guy' but if you know the psychology of a stalker, this is not hard to decipher. You have someone who simultaneously must remain elusive and anonymous while also basking in the exclusiveness as the center of attention, her mirror image idol who she has perceived as part of herself and thus cannot live with the possibility of rejection or damage to their specific perceived reputation of invulnerability (the glass mask?)
One plus side caveat is that Male stalkers are not only way more common, but also way more homicidal - however microblogging been very inviting for females to partake in this esteemed and age old tradition.
Just make sure to schedule your appointments at Keiko's nail salon to just before or after she arrives, not durin - else she might discover the person wearing her exact clothes and makeup accoutrements.
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wow, WAIT! That girl goes to the same salon as Keiko just to see her? Or were you giving an example?
ARGGGGHHH !!!!! so frustrating... Keiko's release two more message video, but only for her fan club. ARRGGGHHH !!!!