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Kaori Oda solo + collabs (non-YK / non-Sound Horizon)


Latest mini-live seems to be at Animate Ikebukuro on 31st August:

【日時】 2018年8月31日(金) 19:00開始
【開場時間】 18:30予定
【会場】 東京都・アニメイト池袋本店 9Fイベントホール
【内容】 ミニライブ&トーク、ポスターお渡し会
【対象店舗】 アニメイト池袋本店・アニメイト渋谷店・アニメイト秋葉原店・アニメイト新宿店
【問合わせ先】 アニメイト池袋本店: 03-3988-1351
I've been watching Kaori's and Miwa's "best" CD promotions. It sure shows who gets the priority in promotions. Kaori's promotions seems to be negligible compared to Miwa's.

The funny thing about this: Kaori will probably sell more units internationally than Miwa. In the mean time: Sony is blocking all Miwa's You Tube videos internationally (at least to Canada)... go figure.
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From CD Japan's announcements:


"Piofiore no Bansho (Game)" Original Soundtrack
ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 オリジナルサウンドトラック / ゲーム・ミュージック
乙女ゲームブランド"オトメイト"から発売の女性向け恋愛ADV「ピオフィオーレの晩鐘」のサウンドトラックが発売! 和田俊輔氏が手掛けたゲームBGMに加え、オープニングテーマ「Nocturnal (歌: mao×織田かおり)」、エンディングテーマ1「風花 ~winter white lily~ (歌: SHOJI)」、エンディングテーマ2「Whispering Hope (歌: 織田かおり)」、エンディングテーマ3「Fault (歌: mao)」をフルサイズで余すところなく収録!
I've liked Gift better than this because Gift contains more Songs I liked. This is good, but besides of some songs like Calling or Savanna no Hayate which is my favourite, the album itself is not interesting to me. But I am glad, that it reaches a higher place, although 66 is for me not good enough. Hopefully she raises higher.
I think Kaori is slowly slipping in to the Goth culture. She's always wearing black... black on black or black with some white or black with black..... *sigh* I so dislike black.

今日は、大好きなあの人と一緒♡ 旦那と嫁がいすぎて、分かんないよねーw今日は、大好きなあの人と一緒♡ 旦那と嫁がいすぎて、分かんないよねーw
Does this mean, she is married or will she marry? I am happy for her, because I think she deserves to be happy, but it is an odd feeling because japanese women does not tend to work after being married and I fear that she will not make music. Lets hope, that it does not prevent her from making music. Yeah, she was not that successful, but I would miss her singing.
I've tried several translators on this tweet and it still sounds nonsensical. I wish I knew Japanese a lot more than 10 words. The only thing I can figure on is she's talking about friendship. It being a joke would make more sense to me. I'm bad at humour especially when it's translated badly. I've got to learn more Japanese
I'm speculating that there are two agencies Kaori may sign with in the future, if she does so.

1. The agency Aira / Asaka signed with.
2. The agency representing Mai Mizuhashi (Maria) / Garnidella
where can i hear the full version of Can't Stop Love Single of kaori? and kaori's melody valentine concert? any linkz or download? THANKS in advance :)
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