Kalafina - Chibi Fanart


“Inside the box” - Märchen
Wow, I'm really impressed!! Not only with your drawings (which are indeed impressive), but about how versatile your drawing style. You can go from realism to super cute chibis and everything looks great!:love:
But what I love the most is how detailed, complete and real you make their outfits look. I've tried to do some Kala fanarts, and at the end I just end overwhelmed by the amount of details :cry:It's amazing that you manage to draw them so perfectly! Specially the Marchen ones, which are super complex and almost impossible to understad ♥
@Zinnia <33333 Oooh thank you so much! I was a little bit unmotivated, but your comment cheered me up. I get bored with ease, and change styles for me it's pretty fun ^__^~

I understand, it's really overwhelming... I have several unfinished drawings for the same reason ^^" This one I am using as avatar is an example... >< Wakana looks good, but the other girls don't.

But after training a lot, you get used to copy details easily... you just have to be resilient, with practice, in the end it'll be easy to reproduce the details.