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Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018, Keiko (April 13) and Hikaru (Oct 20) left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)


So does 500% mean 5x the number of singles ? or a new album ? Or just more Live DVDs of the same songs over and over and over. ? I look forward to a new album. It's been 2 years. Longest time between albums. But then again, YK has been very busy.

And besides. If YK leaves Spacecraft, She's taking Kalafina with her. She basically owns it and the 3 singers are employees. Maybe that arrangement has changed over the years. That's how it started.


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Not really confirming or denying anything, but:

https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/946671855548563456 said:
来年に入ってからもまだ暫くはお休み中なのではございますが、でも来年も働くよ!╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ グッ ! まだ具体的ではございませんがまた来年「こんな音楽作りました♪」とお知らせ出来る時期になったらばむばむ宣伝させて頂いちゃいますので、どうぞよろしくお願い致します♪
She will rest for a while after we get into the next year, but she will still work. It's nothing specific yet, but there will be a time where she will notify us "I made such a music".


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Maybe she will reduce the amount of songs composed! She also twitted this: ちょっと早いですが来年の抱負は……もう毎年同じでございますが。「楽しく音楽やろう♪」「仕事は前倒しに」。前半はともかく後の方は未だかつて守られた事のない抱負だが気にしない!理想は高く!(`ー´)

She wants to go on with music, having fun like this year with music!!


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Less music might be good if it means more consistent quality.

Post-FotW Kala has been sparse but great other than Blaze, so I'm ok if it works like that.


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She'll probably only work with Heaven's feel, since she probably has a contract for that. Fudge, maybe SAO too.


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Perhaps Kala may temporarily sign a contract with another composer (perhaps Revo or Sawano Hiroyuki just as a couple examples), and Kajiura can have that year (or more)-long break, then once she's rested enough, she can come back to being Kala's producer


Yup Revo has been quite lazy lately. They only released that Attack on Titan S2 theme which was a Guren no Yumiya redux after a huge hiatus. It'd be nice and interesting if he could work for Kalafina


Bauklotze from AoT and Blumenkranz from kill la kill were pretty cool, so he can do good songs when he tries :) but yes most of the songs he does are not of my taste and his bgms are lazy too.


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Well... I don't think it'll come to it but wouldn't it be hilarious if Takumi Ozawa took over Kalafina, lol... She's still on Spacecraft's site... nevermind
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