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Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018 (confirmed by her) & Keiko left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)


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Saying Kalafina is dead because of Keiko's leave is a disrespect to Wakana & Hikaru, considering how much effort and heart they have put in the 10-years worth of work. Kalafina will only be dead if the fans want it to be. I'm amongst those who don't.
Except it really kind of is? One of the first members leaves (who was there before Hikaru) after the producer of all their songs already left. Kalafina as we know it is no more. Wouldn't Hikaru & Wakana calling themselves Kalafina also be disrespectful to Keiko? (Even if it was her choice to leave. As was Kajiura's. And we don't really know the reasons.)

But even if that's not enough how about not just because of Keiko leaving... but because of this hilarious possibility of her literally taking the "Kalafina" name with her lol.

And yes, I did say it's a hilarious possibility.

Fiiiine. Kalafina is crippled.
Thanks for the laugh.
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Also think about this:
Hikaru + Keiko combo would work (rock / metal style)
Wakana + Keiko would work ( see oblivious single, interludes, and some balads)
but Hikaru and Wakana uhm i dont know what kind of songs they can sing together...
hikaru can cover keiko's vocal range. besides, there are alot of wakana hikaru songs. keiko is mostly only in the background.


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This is obviously just me pulling things out of my ass (about things that are not even confirmed and people I don't actually know) but I can see "Kalafina" being important/precious to Keiko (both as the unit itself and the 10 years of her life) and her wanting to protect what it was to her. It's not sneaky (unless she uses it for her own gain) - (edit:) it's smart. But I'm talking out of my ass...
I see it like that. I can even see Wakana and Hikaru agreeing. Kalafina is the time they spent together, their effort, their success... I'm sure Keiko wishes the best for the other two, but just not under that special, meaningful name. Kalafina is also a word "crafted" by Kajiura just for them and their music. Without Kajiura and Keiko, it'd be weird to keep the name.
What makes me sad is thinking how much the girls must have suffered all this time. The trademark request was from last year, so the probably did their Live Anni concert knowing it would be the last, yet they tried to perform the songs we wanted and did their best on that huuuuge setlist! :touched::touched: And Keiko writing that precious message to Hikaru and Wakana on the radio program :touched:Even with everything going on, the girls keep being so sweet, I'm sure they love Kalafina as much as we do.
This notice really made a huge impact on me because Kalafina means a lot to me. I spent all my day wanting to cry, they're like my children, I saw them growing up and evolving. But at the end of the day, I'm grateful. No matter what happens from now on, they did amazing things. They helped me a lot. They made me happy. Those things will never dissappear. I'm support the girls wherever they go, and I'm sure they'll keep making amazing things! Ofc it'll be hard for Wakana and Hikaru to work by themselves (specially with Hikaru's voice problems) but they'll find a way. And Keiko has an unique, fascinating voice, an attractive personality and she's so damn pretty so I'm sure she'll be sucessful wherever she goes.
I just want to thank them for everything. I wish I could fly to Japan and tell them "arigato". Thank you, thank you a million times, Kalafina.


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Crazy stuff.

I know this opinion might be unpopular, but for me, seeing Kalafina end would be less painful than having to witness a former shell of the original Kalafina.

Honestly, I agree that not all was pure gold what Kajiura produced for Kalafina in the last four years or so, however, her style, which is both diverse and very specific at the same time, was really the trademark sound of Kalafina for a decade now. I think we probably all agree that this style is impossible to reproduce by another composer/music producer. So even if they found a good producer and continued to sing as a trio, it wouldn’t be the same even if it was good.

So if this rumor is indeed true and Keiko will actually get the Kalafina trademark, this basically means disbandment and Wakana and Hikaru will have to continue under another name.

Heck, I hate this! I certainly would’ve never wished for this kind of an end for them!

But bluntly said, I can live with it. Rather this than something that is labeled as Kalafina but does not sound like it.

Well, this is of course still hypothetical, since it’s not official yet, but still I felt like speaking my mind on this matter...


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I'm starting to speculate on management conflicts with YK spilling over to Kalafina. And, Keiko, being it's "leader" probably felt the brunt of it. She probably decided to leave soon after YK made her intentions known.

I still think Wakana and Hikaru will follow YK and Keiko.
^ What makes her a leader though ? That she encouraged the others to continue past KnK ? That she's more energetic in lives ?
Because there are some things that suggest otherwise: 1) She got to have the less share of vocals in songs, to the point that we threw a party every time there was a bridge or start or even a whole song with her. 2) The "Kalafina is + members" motto in singles etc always started with Wakana.


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What exactly does Keiko get if she receives the trademark? Does it simply mean no one can use the Kalafina name to perform or will it also give her a larger cut of future sales from albums/lives?
I think it would be best if they all just disband
I don't want to seem like a sour B****, but either ways the remaining members might not last long.

If Wakana and Keiko wish to work with Yuki, then there's FictionJunction

And Hikaru can finally start her solo career, like she always wanted. Right after she gets vocal treatment.

I think it's win, win for everybody


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^ What makes her a leader though ? That she encouraged the others to continue past KnK ? That she's more energetic in lives ?
Because there are some things that suggest otherwise: 1) She got to have the less share of vocals in songs, to the point that we threw a party every time there was a bridge or start or even a whole song with her. 2) The "Kalafina is + members" motto in singles etc always started with Wakana.
Watch the body language of them in interviews, photos, such things. She's the one who leads. The others defer to her. There are many other things. Taking control of the Kalafina trademark is the absolute proof that she's the leader of the group.

What exactly does Keiko get if she receives the trademark? Does it simply mean no one can use the Kalafina name to perform or will it also give her a larger cut of future sales from albums/lives?
Property rights. That's what a trademark is. the Kalafina name and logo are property. Keiko has control of them. Any one wants to use the Kalafina name: they got to rent it / get permission to use it from Keiko.
all we need is REAL explanations from YK herself
about her leaving spacecraft, making Harmony yet a member (will be) leaving, management affairs, album absence, etc, thought it could be private, but it makes fans not speculating anymore.

make it clear :(


Yeah I admittedly wasn't too upset when I thought it was gonna be Hikaru/Wakana leaving but the fact that its Keiko really changes this whole thing.
Hikaru and Wakanas voices just don't go together well enough to continue as a duo :/
And also Keiko was by far the strongest vocalist so her leaving REALLY cripples the group.

lmao what an absolutely shitty past couple of months for music it's been for me.

Like some people here, I've been less into Kalafina recently so I'm honestly not too affected by this (Maybe in the past I would've been really upset but after what happened to SHINee this is not even remotely close to that so not much can really faze me now.. I'm still not over what happened to SHINee and I dont think i ever will be, honestly.)

but still it's really unfortunate and I get why so many people are so upset.

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This is literally, without exaggeration, the worst combination of news that I've ever heard in my life. To date, of course, as I'm only 21, but . . . I'm sure I've shared this before, but after eleven years of consistent bullying and even more of verbal family problems -- so much so that at 14, I had developed stress-based epilepsy and still have it -- the music of Kalafina under Kajiura had brought me out of two wholehearted, near-mentally-confirmed considerations of suicide. However, it wasn't the name so much as the combination of people involved that played a part outside of music itself. I can sit here and say at this moment that if one of my parents died, I'd still be much more solemn over this.

I hope and pray that Kajiura is being followed by Keiko, and that Keiko is being followed by Hikaru and Wakana. Even a duo, no matter the combination, I wouldn't have been comfortable with in honesty.
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^Wow... I am glad that music has helped you as well. I deal with chronic pain every day and get really depressed but Yuki's music calms me all the time. True, it doesn't take the pain away, but it helps me get through it at least. It's gotten me through some tough times as I say. Seeing them live also really helped and even watching the dvd releases. I will continue to listen to them and love them...

Yeah, I thought Keiko was the one who wanted to keep them as a group? If she leaves, they won't be able to sing some songs, like Ongaku (she has such fun singing it every time), with it being the same. Hikaru can't do everything, I know she can sing lower, but with her issues now I am worried. I hope she can get help during the time of rest or figuring things out. Wakana has really gotten a LOT better at performing live. I mean, I just watched The Arena again and she is amazing. So is Hikaru. Keiko has pretty much sounded the same, though she did have the vocal surgery herself. But I will support them no matter what. If they want to continue singing the songs already produced, or create new ones, we will have to wait and see. I hope things get smoothed out in the film. I can't imagine what they're going through right now, with all this attention, and not for good reasons. I wish it was handled a little smoother, but maybe there was a reason that Yuki left that she doesn't want to explain? Or she just wants to go under her own management? But yes, I agree about the trademark issue being weird in that continuing with the name with just 2 members is kind of odd. It has always been those 3 for me as well. I am listening to the seventh heaven album now, and am so glad I got to meet them twice and see them in concert. I want to see them in Japan... but I guess that won't happen now. Maybe there will be lives with the vocalists separately. I can see any one of them continuing to make bgms with Kajiura. I hope the band members stay with Yuki as well. I would miss Konno's playing so much. And the others too.

I hope they are okay. No wonder Wakana has been so emotional. I would be too, and am. *sigh* I wish I could hug all of them right now. They are like sisters and it would be like splitting up sisters, but I hope they still do things together, as I am sure they will. I am interested in what music they will make. And what Kajiura will make as well. Kalafina has been such an inspiration in my life, and has gotten me through many tough times, makes me happy to watch them perform, listen to their songs, get lost in it all. Even their most recent ones, I really enjoyed the Hyakka album, and Marchen and into the world have become some of my favorites. I am glad they got to do the 10th anni live, I hope it gets released now. Maybe there will be another album, a last one. It would be sad though.