Joelle (non-Kajiura works)

Joelle will be performing on Shin Kamen Rider Music Collection coming out April 12.

Original BGM by Taku Iwasaki but she's singing one version of the ED song (I presume).

8. Where you go (ver.J) 00:02:11
歌 Joelle
作詞 福山桜子
作曲 岩崎琢
編曲 岩崎琢
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Soundtrack is out. I like the adventurous tone of the track but is it just me or is the music overpowering the vocals? I feel like the vocals could've been a little louder.
This is very random but I just found out that Joelle was born in 1980. Idk why but I always thought she'd be like at least 10 years older than Keiko lmao tho tbh it's maybe just her being half white so she aged/matured faster lol

I also thought Strother is a word that she used just for the name of her album (like maybe it's a word from certain language I don't know). I only found out that it IS her name.
The Beast of the Endness live:

First stumbled upon her singing "Best of the Endness" and she grabbed me from the start. I was like who/what is this? (The strange/dark stage and tone of the song was also interesting.

Then hearing "Hana ga Chiru Sekai" settled me as a fan. This version, the first I watched, remains my favorite, with the staging, camera angles, her mannerisms, positioning and movement, and the way she approached the last head voice note.

I think Joelle shines with the right composition when she's able to traverse different pitches across her range and registers in a song. Well-written, songs make her voice really shine.
Finally sat down to listen to Polaris. I liked it, particularly the first 3 tracks and the bonus track. Iris belting was too much for me.

Wish her previous albums were available internationally.
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Iris belting was too much for me.
Yeah, some parts of that song needed another take (especially the end of the bridge) or handle those notes differently.
Overall, it's a pretty lovely mini-album. My Heart to Yours is olev. It's nice that she's trying something different than her two previous albums, which were jazz and j-pop. Though I prefer her jazz voice hue.
Now, where's my FictionJunction Joelle song, Kajiura? No covers.