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Japanese Proxy Sites


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Have you bought items from japanese auctions sites using buyee, jauce, fromjapan and such? i remember tenso was pricey, but since i don't have any other options i'd like some opinons about it (and if there's something cheaper but reliable as well).

EDIT: I'll add links to the sites mentioned in the comments.






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I regularly use Japan Shopping Service personally. They seem pretty alright price wise, but I don't know what they're like in comparison to Tenso. They're reliable though, and generally quick.


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I've used buyee and fromjapan before and they're both reliable but I know a lot of people hate buyee bc of their prices. My personal favorite is personal shopper j though.


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Thanks for the recommendations, i'll try to make a comparision among them and see what's the best option. It would be nice to make it sticky for everyone to see especially if it's the first time doing so.


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I've used Japonica Market and Zenmarket.
I only used Zenmarket once and I'm really happy with it. They only charge 300 yen for item ordered, no transaction fees or such. Of course they're not the best option for purchasing multiple small items, but if you're interested only in an expensive concrete item I'm sure it's one of the cheapest options. They also have a price calculator that is pretty accurate.
I've heard of buyee but honestly seems way too expensive.


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Thank you very much for your help. I added banners with links for the aforementioned sites in the first post.