If you have some time to lose...

wow its so professionally drawn and laid out!! i wish i could understand it ;_;
how often do you update it?
Haha yea that's in french xD
eerrr, I think I'll not update it...because it took me too much time to draw it alone... - -' Basically, I made it for a contest :D that's why it is so fancy ^^'
There is a "Club Manga" in my school. We intend to write a manga, the story is already set, we "just" have to find motivated people to draw xD
Maybe, I'll update this one :]
Its very good drawn indeed... Well I understand only some words from it (I have studied french language for 3 years in school (now I remember almost nothing)

just one question: It reads from right to left (like original manga) or from left to right?

The sketches are very good but the content is a bit scary. Congratulations for drawing it!!!
ol That's too bad that you remember almost nothing xD (you know how to say hello at least don't ya ? ^^ ) but I understand it, French is a very difficult and complicated language by its grammar and its very vaaaaast vocabulary... -_-'

Thanks for the compliment, and I know that it is a bit scary xD (it is very dark and with the blood... >_<) You have to read it like in original mangas
Let's see...

bonjour = good morning
salut = good bye (or good evening)
bonne nuit = good night

to say me you he,she,we,you,they
je tu il elle, nous, vous, ils, elles

for am, is are
suis es est sommes etez sunt

and some others (bored to type them all)

what make me to aboandon french is the specialized pronounciation of the words and the fact that the grammar has started getting difficult
Yes, it is nicely drawn :)
Sorry I can't comment about the story... don't speak french too :/

When I'm free from exams, I like to continue my writings too :)
Your writings ? what sort of writings ? tell us more about them :D
Well... I've written small fiction ^^;

I used to write in my mother language, but now I tried to make in english and remake them all...

I'd like to let you read, but I don't have any one in the moment, except I short children story that I have used to help a friend in a contest.

----- I think I need to check the english though :P

Once upon a time in a village, a girl named Lucy lived with her grandparent.
Grandma was very kind. Her cooking and piano play were the best. And so was Grandpa. He always told many bed stories for Lucy. She did love them and was always thankful.
But Lucy was not a normal girl. She was blind as she had no eyesockets, and saw nothing but darkness.

For many times grandpa told Lucy a same story, to brace her and give her courage. He would took her to bed and told her the story about the beginning of universe.

"In the beginning, there was only light and darkness"

All the time, as her grandparent went to work, she sat near the window, where the sound of working people, rustling trees, singing birds could be heard, where she could smell the air and flowers.
The colorful world that Lucy hoped to see instead of blackness.
As she sat there, she could imagine only blurry things that she had heard or felt. Although the sound she heard was real, although she could feel all things around her, but to her, it was only a fantasy.
Often she was nearly to cry, but she couldn’t as she hadn’t even an eye which shed tears.

Until one day, a shaman passed her window and noticed her sadness. The shaman talked to Lucy,

"I have travelled a long way, to help people. I can help you out of your trouble..."

"I want to be able to see" said Lucy at once.

The shaman nodded and said, "I can give you eyes, but... as I am not God, those eyes will not be perfect.
Here are three kind of eyes. The red will give you the sight to love, green to courage and blue to hope"

Lucy took the red ones. At once she wore the eyes and was able to see. But it wasn’t perfect as the shaman had said. Lucy could only see anything which color was red.
Pleased, she ran out of her home. She could see roses, she could see people in red clothes, she could see red roofs for the first time. Although anything beside them were all blurry grey, she was happy.
She could feel the color of heart. Red. Love.

But one day she realized, that love has grown into jealousy and lust. People were declaring war against each other, thinking that they were the right one to love the world.
Soon, Lucy was sad.

She ran to the shaman and asked to change her eyes. This time she chose the green ones. She could see once again all but in green. The grass were swaying, the tree were rustling, standing and growing tall to the sky. Her fantasy has become reality now. Lucy could see the grass, which would always live, although people walked, stepped over them. The green taught her about courage.

But again, one day the courage turned into envy and greed. People fought each other, trying to control the others, thinking that they were the right one to own the world.
It saddened Lucy.

For the third time, she asked the shaman and changed her eyes. And Lucy could see anything which was blue. The sky and the sea were vast, without limit, as she could feel the hope for tommorow which was never ending. She felt free. She spent her days sitting on the beach, where the sky and the sea met in the horrizon, hoping the war would last. Day by day passed, but the war still continued, people thought that they hadn’t been given any hope. There was only despair.

Lucy was dissappointed. Although the world had many colors, but the colors always lead into war. She went to her house, where she talked about it with her grandpa.

Loving her granddaughter, he and Lucy went to meet the shaman to ask for another way to keep her happy.

"What I have left, is only an eye, that could see anything in black and white" said the shaman.
Lucy took the eye, amazed the grandfather of her decision.

"Why do you choose that eye? It will not be different than having no eyes. Afterall colorful world is all you want" asked Grandpa.
For the first time, Lucy could see her grandpa’s face. He had eyes, but they were always closed.

"Why should I see if colors lead wars. Differences which causes death and suffer?" Lucy answered.

"But even in those eyes, there are still two colors : black and white. I have for a long time ago, choosen not to see any color, thus I have closed my eyes forever“ Grandpa said.

„Yes, you are right, Grandpa. There will always be different in us. But at least,they will be reduced into two“ said Lucy.
White was the sky, grey was the sea and dark was the ground.


I know, I know black and white aren't truly a color , but they are practically.
Yea that's very touching ! wooo I want to adapt it in manga, if only I have time for this ! T___T
No, I just can't draw in panels XD
A single picture is no challenge at all but a manga page is impossible -.-
I saw it, that's fun xD
but I think for maha_gnosis's story needs something calm and immobile...yea I think a book with illustrations attended with few text each pages will be perfect !
Thank Zuiyon, Kerahna :)
I have looked the web... it looks interesting...

Anyway, My friend has made the illustration. It was for her submission in a competition.
And I plan to make a demo reel based on it myself :)

Zuiyon said:

It seems that this thread hasn't been active since March 2008 but I must comment...

The manga looks absolute amazing Zuiyon!! :please: I actually only skimmed through it but it looks so well-drawn. And it's in French too, which I can understand! I must go and read it now. Awesome job!!! :goodjob:
noooooooooooo hide this thread :hide: XD

OMG you had the courage to download that! :bow:
hmmmmmmm thank you so much silverywhite :please:

haaaa i wasn't the only one who drew it, two of my friends were drawing too xD
ayayayaya this manga...it was very difficult to do it Dx this reminds me some bad memories @___@