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How many times you have changed Headphones?

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I have noticed that the headphones quality has got lower the last 5 years. I make this post because I have gotten bored of having my headphone broking and buying new ones ( the 1st headphones set was the one comes together with the ipod, its durated 6 months - it broke because thay fall into the kitchen sink while I was trying to drink water directly from the faucet - the 2nd durated 1 month, the 3rd 2 weeks , the 4rth 2 months, the 5th 2 months and the last one 2 months too. The headphones sets 2 - 5 probably broke because I was using the ipod to listen to music to get sleepy , I was sleeping and when I was waking up they were beyond imagination, the head phone set no 6 broke while I was listening to Kimi ga Ita Monogatari (live broking). Note that in all the sets only the right headphone broke. The 1st was A**ple, the other 2 were S*n*, and the other 3 were Ph*l*p*.
WT* is happening???
ipod earbudss keep breaking :/ i'm on my third set of apple's stupid white ones.

i've tried other companies but i keep losing htem, and a pair i bought for $2 in a vending machine last year hurt my ears so much T____T
Headphones with iPod ?? Hmmmm I think you are talking about earphones, that's different !! xD
earphones are really breakable...
Have you ever tried "real" Headphones ? which covers all your ears ??
they are soo expensive xD
i have one of those for my computer ^_^ so nice
i'm wearing them right now even though im not listening to anything o_o;;
you love them a lot haha (so cute xD)
why don't you go out with them ? xD
Earphones are such a pain in the a**! :x Ive changed about 5 pairs - there just comes the moment when the cord gets broken somewhere in the middle, and cuts off the sound. I'm not very good at soldering, but even if I were, it's a nightmare seeking the breakdown point!
I've been using Panasonic lately (not really headphones, but are attached over the ears), but now they have shared the same fate - the RIGHT ( :shock: :shock: :shock: ) earphone is malfunctioning! Thankfully, I have another pair in stock. They are different (precisely earphones, and "bound" together by an arch over one's head) and have a better sound, but... I'm always nervous lest I should accidentally break the arch (it's of high possibilitiy :roll: )

I remember buying some cheap Chinese earphones in the past, but I quit that after one pair lasted about 6 hours.
I got a pair with my Ipod, but then they got a bit crackley, so I invested in some super expensive bose full headphones, which seem to be holding up pretty well :D.
Nick Hunter said:
I remember buying some cheap Chinese earphones in the past, but I quit that after one pair lasted about 6 hours.

Nowadays almost all the earphones are produced in China and/or other countries like Indonesia , Taiwan etc so dont say chinese since they are all chinese, but its not the chinese's people fault that they broke but of the company belonger who force them to work more & harder so the quality reduces