Hikaru's Twitter

Cute, but it makes me wonder if there's bad blood with Wakana or if they're just staying separate to avoid any talks of a kalafina reunion or something.
What kinda just hit me now is that we still have yet to see a pic of Keiko since disbandment ... her news of coming back to FJ kind of made me forget this! But TO THIS DAY we still haven’t seen how she’s changed.....

Probably not at all, keiko had same hair since kalafina debut
Does any one else think Hikaru is using the same photographer as Kaiida ?

Also: does any one think there's something "different" wth Keiko. It feels like her "presence" has changed. I don't feel that with Wakana and Hikaru.
IMO they probably don't want to cause any hindrance to Wakana's solo career.
The last pictures with Keiko are so so cute, anyway it's really really sad, but probably for some contractual aspects Wakana can't appear in pubblic with K and H :( :(
Contractual aspect lmao what Hikaru stayed at spacecraft for awhile after Keiko left. Now she is having a solo debut as helical without any tie to Kajiura yet she attends Kajiura live freely and went on dates with Keiko, while Wakana and Kajiura+the FBMs pretend like they don't know each other. Keiko, Kajiura, the FBM and even Kaori acknowledge Hikaru even though Hikaru's not working with Kajiura anymore. Kyoichi Sato even went as far as saying that with Keiko's return the family is now complete so yea continue to hang on that imagination of the girls relationship still as strong as ever :( boohoo

Lmao i sound so bitter but seriously i really don't think their relationship isn't at the very least strained...
You said alot of things in that post but I can't find any arguments. Right now I'm just going to envision the three girls doing naughty things together but only on Sundays.