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“Hikaru”Birthday EVENT 2018" + Kalafina "Wakana" in Concert with the Roma・Italia Orchestra


Nothing stopped them from doing it while the group was still active. The fact that Wakana gets to have an orchestra means that there were money, and perhaps Kajiura didnt wanted it to happen.
Maybe not so much "Kajiura didn't want it to happen" but that Yuki Kajiura just hasn't done orchestral arrangements or teamed up with someone who does orchestral arrangements in the past.


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Pretty sure she's a blogger now.
I'm just wishful thinking, there must be something they can do with their singing careers, otherwise they wouldn't have renewed with Spacecraft and peaced out like Keiko (actually Idk if their contracts have the same length so maybe they are waiting it out to leave, who knows). But yeah, the japanese music industry is super weird, there are people who are signed to agencies and release a couple music works and then move on to be a tarento or something else entirely, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Hikaru just becoming a full time blogger.


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i always wonder how the Kalafina songs could be if sung by only one member
i mean, most of the songs are having parts suitable for only one of them
the arrangements must be unique


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I doubt it, but maybe that news show that usually had bits of Kalafina's Mezamashi concerts might have something in the future.