7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Also, Kajiura's not wrong. :P
Someone gib ReReGRAPHICS a new EP/album and Ozawa more OSTs. Thanks.
No, you're right. It does deserve a thread. These are specifically a HIGHWAY STAR x YUKI KAJIURA 30th ANNIVERSARY project. v( '')v

inb4 JAM PROJECT next...

Edit: "I have a dream" having the least views of the first four is criminal. XD
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What did you mean by non clasically trained singer sings it? None of the Kalafina girls were clasically trained lol
Wow it finally happened! I was betting all my money on KEIKO covering it instead in one of the YKLs.
This cover definetely needed some violin as well, I miss it from the CD ver.
Now that it happened might as well Kajiura remember about it and include it in YKL setlist.
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I'm loving Gloria actually. Especially how she sings "Gloria." I like her in this song more than the one she did for the FJ album. Very nice.

Haruna on Shinkai no Kudoku? Love it. She's definitely improved. I love her low vibrato. It suits the song. Also the pianist is really good.

Anna ni: the vocalist is very good. She hits all the notes. I'm not sure of who this is.

I have a dream: absolutely gorgeous. This is my 3rd favorite Kala song. She does an amazing job. I'm curious about the song she did with Kajiura now. Just got to the bridge. Chills.

Shoot!: I love this song so much. Seki is my fav JP voice actor and I was thrilled when I learned of this song. Her voice really fits.

I know I did them out of order. But it's the order I went with. Lol
Oh also noting Gloria has climbed the ladder for Kala songs since that Anime Boston performance they did with Kajiura. So to hear it covered here so well was really nice.
I am just sad Ozawa/ReReGRAPHICS seemingly just can't win with the general audience. :/
Their Obsession has less views than that latest Nami Tamaki video...

Shame shuri's video isn't getting more love either.
I never looked for the og Kajiura quotes but some other time Nightmare said the song "was made with a male image in mind", which I feel is a little different than stating "it was supposed to be sung by a guy". I guess WE can suppose all we want...

If she wanted a guy, she probably could've used a guy... There's a plenty on HIGHWAY STAR.
So Kajiura didn't tell the truth in the PARADE website?

This song was written for rito, who was fortunate enough to sing at the "FictionJunction Diva Audition" held last spring. rito's voice has a unique melancholy and has a lot of potential, but first of all, as the first song, it's a little more realistic than the usual FictionJunction. I thought that the lyrics that were closer to reality would be more suitable for rito, so I made it into a song like this.