Hibari male cover (tv-size)


I like Yuki
I love this song.

My mic is by no means professional, but it shouldn't quite make your ears bleed. The singing is, of course, a different story.
The piano is by Yu-Lun Chou (link in the description). They actually recorded the whole song, but I cut it into just the tv-size version.

All feedback and criticism is welcome, that's basically why I posted this. I've never taken singing lessons and haven't really ever gotten any feedback of any kind.

pls excuse my Hanae
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You're lacking breathing technique, and that makes your singing shaky and at times off-pitch. Search for articles/videos about appoggio breathing. It's the standard breath technique classic singers use, but it can be used for any style of singing.
After you sorta get the hang of it (you need to practice everyday. Appoggio breathing needs to become a habit, so you can focus on other things), it's time to do warm ups n shiet. I'm guessing you're a baritone so you can use this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agYX2aZdHOw (the exercises may go over or under your range. If it hurts your throat, stop and wait).
After you warm up, try this video: https://youtu.be/bcfs85dqbss
There are other things that you need to do while singing, but the breath is the first thing you need to learn about.

Btw, if you're super cereal about singing then I recommend taking classes. Having a professional give you irl feedback will help you identify your problems and address them properly.
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Thanks for the advice! I've been thinking of getting classes but right now I've got a lot of other stuff on my plate with university and piano lessons and the Japanese language and stuff... I'll look into it as soon as I think I have the time for it.