Hi everyone

Hi and welcome!

1. I think that you have to have posted a few times and meet some time threshold to be able to change the profile (under your account, your profile).

2. I'll let someone else answer that.

Let us know a little about yourself (what Yuki Kajiura music you first heard, what are your favourites). :hi:
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Ah thank you! I'm a musician that's currently trying to work on music for games, I'm not super good at it because I don't have too much experience with composition, but I'm trying my hardest! I wanted to join because Kajiura-san is one of my biggest inspirations and one of my favorite composers in the world.

Thanks for being so welcoming!
Ah I've heard of them! I'll definitely check them out

My 5 favorite composers and biggest inspirations are:

Yuki Kajiura (needs no introduction lol)
Keiichi Okabe/MONACA (NieR)
Shiro Sagisu (Evangelion)
Shogo Sakai (Super Smash Bros./Kirby/MOTHER3)
Mahito Yokota (Super Mario Galaxy)
Welcome. Feel free to share your own music or more of your inspirations, there are many dedicated threads in the forum.

Your 5 top composers are all Japanese ?
What are your favorite game OSTs ?
Haha yeah, they don't have to be Japanese for their music to be good though, it's just they all happened to be Japanese lol

My favorite game OSTs are NieR, Super Mario, Zelda, Kirby, MOTHER

besides NieR, I'm pretty much a huge nintendo fanboy lmao
Hello fren. Enjoy your stay~
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