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Hayama22's Covers (New Cover of MADLAX)

So I posted these in the introduction thread, but didn't see there was a whole subforum dedicated to fanworks! I've recently gotten more acquainted with bandcamp, and as a result I've began what will hopefully end up being many covers of Yuki Kajiura songs (as I said there, she's been my favorite artist of all time for nearly half my life, so of course I would love to make a million covers of her songs). Here are the ones I've done so far:


Key of the Twilight:

Canta Per Me:

I'm definitely planning on making more, and probably will do revisions on these as well. I am partial to her older music since that's what I started on, so it'll lean more toward her early songs. I've started an album on my bandcamp, where you can download the tracks if you want:

I'll also be doing some original songs on the album most likely, and maybe some covers of Bjork as well (I hope some of you guys like her, she's my second favorite artist and also the Western artist whose musical style is closest to Kajiura, I think). Let me know what you guys think/any changes you think I should make (or any requests :p ).


I like Yuki
Uploaded another cover to my bandcamp. This time it's Hinageshi no Hana no you Ni from Mai-Otome. Listen to it if you get the chance! Comments are appreciated.
Did another anime cover. This time not from Kajiura but a cover of insonnia by Kokia from Phantom Requiem. Still working on Ensei/Mezame, putting that one off till next week.
Been a while! Been working on a ton of music in the last few years and am improving I think! I started rewatching Madlax and felt really inspired so I did this cover:


I'm thinking of doing an album of Madlax covers/music inspired by, let me know what you think!

Also if you're into AMVs I have a ton on my channel.