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I like Yuki
Nice to meet everyone here! I've been lurking the main site (and sometimes the forum) for a looong time. I thought I had made an account before, but couldn't find the details anywhere, so here I am. Thanks for all the information and looking forward to chat with you all. :)


I like Yuki
Welcome to Canta Per Me! :hi:

First new member of 2018 :goodjob:

What are some of your favorite songs by Kajiura?
Oh, I didn't realize that! I come with the new wind of 2018. :sohappy:

There are too many songs I can listen on repeat even after listening to them for years. Some personal favorites are 'Far on the Water', 'Kimi no Gin no Niwa', and 'storia'. I will also add 'ring your bell in the silence' to the list although it's more like a short song than a full one. I absolutely adore how the notes and background instruments are arranged in those songs. Some things just speak to you straight to the heart. <3 What about you?


I like Yuki
Most of my favorites are the folksy songs such as Hikari no Senritsu, Yane no Mukou ni, and neverending, but I also have a soft spot for more rock-style songs such as sprinter & progressive
When you mentioned "folksy" I immediately thought of 'moonfesta', haha. 'Hikari no Senritsu' is not bad but a bit too long for my taste. I get bored of the notes by the end of the song.