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H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Musicians for her live
Drums:野崎真助さん  (@MASUKE_Drummer) Masuke Nozaki
Guitar : SUNAOさん  (@sunao_g0428)
Guitar:グシミヤギヒデユキさん  (@gussy_)
Bass : 須長 和広さん  (@KazuhiroSunaga)
Piano : 櫻田 泰啓さん  (@sakuramongaino) Sakurada Hirotaka
Violin : 伊藤 彩さん  (@compeitou_aya)
Manipulate : nang-changさん


Atlas Star

Sailor Yuki
Glad she has violinist, as opposed to Wakana who didn't even have that. :3

What do we think, guys? Will she perform Kalafina songs at her one-man live?

Sidenote: I'm in LOVE with yolcu. The change in mood from the suspenseful verses into the brilliant chorus.... ahh! And the Arabian feel all throughout the song and MV....


If this is the way Hikaru is going to impress us so that we buy the album, then get out of the way !! I'M FIRST IN LINE !!

SCHCHCHCCHCHCh KAHHHH ROOOO !!!! with the // on the end