Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (S2 LiSA / Aimer songs by YK)


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Interview on ddnavi: LiSA x Yuki Kajiura collaboration Part 1 (Part 2 is coming tomorrow)
Globally the same topics with the previous interview... some things, still:

- With Kajiura, LiSA felt like she could aim higher;
- Again, she says that the first Homura lyrics Kajiura wrote were too sad and added a bit of hope;
- Several interpretations, such as 車輪(くるま): people might thing it's just a vehicle 車(くるま)but LiSA thinks it as her/the characters own legs;
I'm a bit puzzled here cuz I've never seen this meaning for those kanjis; and why 車 only exclude this interpretation (????)
- favorite sentence: "Dou shitemo sashitemo ugokanai kara" "(In the dark sky, the dawn star holds our future), Unmoving, no matter how we may point to it" because there are 2 different visions of hope depending of how you see it (LiSA's point of view is different than Kajiura's);
(I think that lyrical nonsense has the best translation, imo some other websites totally miss the point)
- "Akeboshi" is more like Kajiura's vision of hope while "Shirogane" is more like LiSA's.;
- She wants to be LiSA but out of respect for Kajiura's vision of KNY, she decided to accord her choregraphy. This is "Kajiura's ball 舞踏会";
- In "from the edge", she had some freedom to be casual LiSA, but not in "Akeboshi";
Which is, let's be honest, contradictory in view of the stage names


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Awards based on what? sales? Then why not Hikaru Utada ? jury, fan votes..?
It is the year's most downloaded digital single by a female artist in its first week, with with 75,630 downloads in its first week.

<2020: iirc Hikaru Utada held the record of most downloaded song in one week according to Oricon;
2020 : LiSA's "Homura" broke it with 46,525 downloads (and later broke several other records);
March 2021: Hikaru Utada's "One Last Kiss" broke it with 72,000 downloads;
October 2021: LiSA's "Akeboshi" broke it with 75,630 downloads ^^


Yes she is hitting gold by composing for popular franchises and at the same time for already widely known artists, instead of taking non popular and trying to make them popular herself (what she was doing since 1991). A change of strategy thats good both for us, her bank accounts, and her popularity.


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Interview on ddnavi: LiSA x Yuki Kajiura collaboration Part 2
Non-Kajiura or KNY related

Interview on Animate Times
- LiSA: "Kajiura sensei"
- LiSA: "The song is full of expressions precisely because it's Yuki Kajiura, who is also in charge of the score" Really, LiSA?? ^^'
- She really sees her falsetto at the beginning as Kajiura's creation
- Interviewer: "It's impossible to put this opening in a category, right?" (Both Heavy-rock and ballade)
- Interviewer: looks like strings express sadness while E.G expresses strength / LiSA's vague answer: "There are many things to say".
- LiSA: They really wanted the FBM on the song because she wants to perform it with Kajiura like she did with Homura.
- Interviewer: even the title seems meaningful? / LiSA's vague answer: "At first I understood the song as a feeling of being chased, but then the video was different. So there are several ways to understand it."
- LiSA: "When shooting the MV, there were a lot of leeches. To avoid them I had to put mint on my body. Someone (or several persons) from the staff were sucked."
- Confirms that she's also on the wowowo part in Shirogane. Her interpretation for having several persons on it: Tanjiro is not fighting alone.
- LiSA: "Kajiura is particularly conscientious about the titles, "銀" can be read "Shirogane" alone but "白銀" too. Just like "Akeboshi", as if the white was representing Tanjiro's making his way in the snow at the beginning of the show."
- some sentences from Shirogane are also specifically written for LiSA. (I don't understand the joke with the chest though).

Should we move all interviews to the "Kajiura Family Media Appearances"? Would be easier to locate


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Don't know if it means anything but Kajiura got a "Nookie District BGM" entry on JASRAC.

作品コード 266-7903-5

Also noticed she has two separate entries for Banitas. "BGM" and "BGM (VOCAL SONG)". Odd.
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Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Don't know if it means anything but Kajiura got a "Nookie District BGM" entry on JASRAC.

Also noticed she has two separate entries for Banitas. "BGM" and "BGM (VOCAL SONG)". Odd.
Oh nice! Now we're talking 🙌
Curious to know where one can see this?


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Anyways, I’ve been listening to Akeboshi and Shirogane for the past couple days and here are my thoughts.

I love Akeboshi. It took me a bit to get used to the structure, but once I did, oh boy. The song is just so good! Lisa’s voice is so good, and those filters! And that quiet ending! And just everything, honestly. It reminds me a lot of Wonderland in terms of atmosphere, which I also love! I think what made the song click with me was when I took a look at the title and tried to connect it with a feeling from real life. And, ultimately, since ‘Star’ is in the title, I connected it with the night. The verses represent the surging terror of the surrounding darkness, while the chorus is exploring the beauty that night can be. In short, the verses are viewing the night as being an empty black, while the chorus is more of a starry, dark blue. I haven’t looked at the lyrics yet, but that’s just my interpretation!

As for Shirogane, I don’t like it as much as Akeboshi, but I still enjoy it! It’s a solid, upbeat track. It reminds me a bit of Stone Cold, actually. I know that song is used as a comparison a lot, but something about the verses just feel a bit similar, and I like that! Though part of it could be that Kaori’s doing chorus duty, lol.
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Heya~ my old account here no longer exist probably because it's been years of inactive.
Btw, here i am after listening to LiSA's "Akeboshi" and "Shirogane"... (And later found out about "Homura", "from the edge" and "I beg you" and I love all these songs)

I really love both song but my most favourite is "Akeboshi". The music + the vocal + the PV *chef's kiss* These really brings me back to Yuki Kajiura. I'm on 'Yuki fever' now.... Like the good old days 😁


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Akeboshi and Shirogane were used for 5 episodes only. lol.

New PV doesn't feature any Kajiura BGM, so I'm wondering if she will do some, where and how many. Let it be like S1, not like the movie.
As far as I can tell, credits still list her as first composer and @grunty 's finding on JASRAC could be a hint of her involvement?
She also had some recording sessions in the past weeks.
Seriously, SNK's staff is being more honest with the switch of composers.

Wow, we're having a rare picture of Aimer's face here, looking at us and without glasses or hairs to hide it as much as possible as usual.
She's looking a bit less childish here, and surrounded by very very nice background elements.

Still can't get over tobinai popping up on this franchise when Kajiura could have done the full job alone with her concept. Unpopular opinion maybe. Dude wanted to be rich too.

Before any preview or TV edit premieres for "Asa ga Kuru", I'm hoping that it will be really different from HF songs.
Why not having her a bit more ethnic, or/and with other Kajiura's vocalists or Tokyo Konsei. I'd be fine with more standard J-pop too, if it can distinguish it from the cinematics HF.


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So we have some Kajiura. At least JASRAC didn't lie. :)
How weird that they had all that info in the credit scroll.

OP was a given, considering they announced the digital release for around this episode.


梶浦由記 劇伴

Original Music Composed & Arrangement

今野 均 Strings /Hitoshi Konno Strings

Violin/Violin Solo
今野 均 /Hitoshi Konno

徳永友美    徳永友美    岡部磨知
堀内優里    亀井友莉    藤堂昌彦
漆原直美    森本安弘    渡邉 栞
/ Tomomi Tokunaga, Kyoko Ishigame, Machi Okabe
/ Yuri Horiuchi, Yuri Kamei, Masahiko Todo
/ Naomi Urushibara, Yasuhiro Morimoto, Shiori Watanabe

生野正樹    長石篤志    萩谷金太郎
/ Masaki Shono, Atsushi Nagaishi, Kintaro Hagiya

Cello/Cello Solo
奥泉貴圭    西方正輝
/ Takayoshi Okuizumi, Masateru Nishikata

赤池光治 /Koji Akaike

赤木りえ /Rie Akagi

二胡 /Erhu
土屋玲子 /Reiko Tsuchiya <- she was on Go Shiina's BGM in S1

伊東えり /Eri Ito

Director & Co-Producer
森康哲 /Yasunori Mori

Score Support
石川洋光 /Hiromitsu Ishikawa

Recording & Mixing & Editing Engineer
小岩孝志 /Takashi Koiwa

Assistant Engineer
平井美桜		西本久弥			佐藤勧太
/ Mio Hirai, Kyuya Nishimoto, ?Kohta Sato?

Musicians Co-ordination
須藤一男 /Kazuo Sudo

Jfc. Forgot this was a double length episode.

Okay so... I only skipped through this episode but there was no Kajiura in it that I could hear, lol.
Oh god there's fuckload more credits for Kajiura in episode 1 credits. Edit: Updated all.
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