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Front Band Members (FBM) non-YK activities


@dedeoded Blues Harp ie chromatic harmonica, I assume.
It might mean that he'll be playing the harp tho. :confu:
I mean, Korenaga, who is probably gonna be doing vocal and guitar, is credited as (G/Vo) so (B/Harp) should mean he's playing bass guitar and the harp?
(G/Vo)是永巧一 (B/Harp)高橋Jr知治 (Vln)今野均 (Key)櫻田泰啓
And correct me if I'm wrong, but blues harp usually implies a diatonic harmonica, not a chromatic one. (Wiki explains this in more details)


Haha no worries, that also happens to me a lot :TdT:

Anyway, Jr. on any kind of harp should be very interesting to watch :psst: So excited to see their setlist this time!!
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