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Front Band Members (FBM) non-YK activities


@dedeoded Blues Harp ie chromatic harmonica, I assume.
It might mean that he'll be playing the harp tho. :confu:
I mean, Korenaga, who is probably gonna be doing vocal and guitar, is credited as (G/Vo) so (B/Harp) should mean he's playing bass guitar and the harp?
(G/Vo)是永巧一 (B/Harp)高橋Jr知治 (Vln)今野均 (Key)櫻田泰啓
And correct me if I'm wrong, but blues harp usually implies a diatonic harmonica, not a chromatic one. (Wiki explains this in more details)


Haha no worries, that also happens to me a lot :TdT:

Anyway, Jr. on any kind of harp should be very interesting to watch :psst: So excited to see their setlist this time!!


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I have reached Yuki nirvana
I know yes but we dont know if they perforned hers or not
But knowing she has solo stuff your first thought is that it's going to be "basically Kajiura concert without herself"? Rude much? :p
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