Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 10

Right after a Xenforo 2.1.6 Patch 1 update ... MAN I screwed up.

The intent was to delete users with no posts that hadn't logged in in 2019. And restore from the backup I had if it didn't work.

The result was deletion of users with any number of posts (because bad defaults and can't read) that hadn't logged in since 2019, but may have posted since 2019 (never logged out). And the database backup somehow has been a blank file since the last archive of it in October.

Press F for grunty. Or everyone except grunty. Who also never logged out and will have to re-create their accounts.

Were private messages lost? Probably possibly. I might be am able to merge accounts if I can confirm identities. Were public posts lost? No.

Sorry Folks. Have a quiet Christmas?

( Reported at to maybe save future people)

(Private Messages can no longer be restored)
0. Do you need to create a new account? If your previous posts are marked as posted a user with the title "guest", then yes, you do.
1. Create your new account. You can use the same email.
2. Private message Sudrien ( ) from a WIFI / Internet connection you have posted from before
3. Send a link of one of the post you'd like the claim (The "Share this post" URL is fine) in the message. I am matching logged IPs, so no pretenders.
4. Wait

It's a manual process, so it might take a day or two. Feel free to post normally from your new account in the meantime.
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Sadness. Well, I made a new account cause I thought nothing could be done. If you need me to confirm something to (maybe) merge my account you can ask me~
It looks like Some private messages were saved - if any of the recipients were not deleted, I'll be able to recover. The cache format is harder to work with. Hopefully I'll have time to figure it out on the 26th - thank you for your patience.


I've had some trouble posting a copy of an article from another site, getting the message:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.


I think join date is automatically generated so you cant change that (idk what happens in case of merge though), but the ranks can be manually changed, but it probably wont be the ladder system from before.
I will be resuming working on the post reclaims now.

Working with @Lorde-Kowz , I was apparently not able to revive any private messages. Users not effected should be able to add re-created users to any conversations they still have - if they have them.

Terry Tsurugi

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Thanks Sudrien for merging my account. However, I forgot how to upload an avatar. I thought I just go into my profile and click the big round colored letter, but nothing happens when I do that.

Terry Tsurugi

7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Thanks George, I could have sworn that’s what I did previously and it wouldn’t let me edit, but it works now.
@wat11 please follow the proceedure in the first post, The Addendum. I'm using it to keep track of things in case I can recover more private messages in the future.