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FictionJunction.blog Board Information


NOTE for all posters of this board:

When you upload pictures for discussion in this board (kalafina blog etc), please bother to also upload them to our gallery HERE. No registration needed. (p.s: after uploading all pictures are waiting for approval by the moderator (me) so dont be suprised if they dont appear right away ^^)

As of 16/1/2019 The majority of the posts on this board have been grouped per artist in a single thread.

There are threads for:
Kalafina Blog Thread (Note, Official, Staff, Line) [all posts go here]
Kaori Oda Blog Thread (all posts go here)
Yuuka Nanri Blog Thread [all posts go here]
ASUKA (Aira Yuuki) Blog Thread (all posts go here)
REMI Blog Thread (all posts go here)
Musicians blogs (Korenaga, "Jr", Akagi etc) [all posts go here]
in which you may also add twitter posts

This way the chaos has been reduced from 80 pages to just 9.

Some Kalafina ones have been left out because they have replies and i dont want them to be mixed with more recent blog posts than the replies.
Also i dont do this for Kajura because some threads at the beginning have translations and i dont want them to mix either.