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I adore Yuki
Finally listened to the whole thing. IMO, OST 2>>>OST 1. 'Tis a shame that the Manten arrangement didn't make it in while the To the Beginning one did. So many #2 tracks though. Without those, you'd knock off like 5 songs. :ohoho: :ohoho:


Dripping with Kajiura

george1234 said:
^ these are the strings from the end of "the world is tumbling down" (track 31) that somehow got mixed along with 'the beginning of the end' . :XD:
What the lol, that's the only track I didn't listen fully. With all the instruments it seems like a remix XD



I have reached Yuki nirvana
a man in black reminds me of Kajiura's older songs. So coooool! lol Wow I am loving this soundtrack. My full review will be later. :dote:


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki

Liana_Ilia said:
Bayblonia sounds so much like a Stargate song. hehe I love it.
love this one...since first time used in the show...im sure its a oboe solo bridge....loved it!

Rishi.shukla said:
does anybody notice that around some tracks are missing..

5.Rider theme when he brought new t-shirt..the guitar and flute theme
the flute theme...looked forward to it..cause im sure it was a quena..not flute...though sampled flute perhaps...hahahah

george1234 said:
these are the strings from the end of "the world is tumbling down" (track 31) that somehow got mixed along with 'the beginning of the end' . :XD:

Speaking of mixes, I don't like how "this day, and never again" is on the CD. The way it was used in the Rider-Gilgamesh battle was much better put together. In the CD track the second part of the tokyo konsei chorus is near the start of the track, and IMO the in-between calm-down destroys the epicness :S (but that doesnt meann I dont love it <3)
seconded!! .both pieces just rock in the show..though it's the first time i honestly think i need the story unfolding to get the whole of these tracks....btw "this day, and never again" MAN! the track name rocks! fits so well!!! :nosebleed:

HimeWakana said:
Wow I am loving this soundtrack.
me too!! :shy:
me 3!! :sparkleguy:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
So there is another version of manten besides 'the dream fades before the dawn #3?'

My review:
fate to zero-A lot of chanting. I normally don’t like opera type songs, but this one is cool. I love the kind of aaaaahing towards the end. The strings are nice as well.

for him-A nice calm song. Very short, but sweet.
army of the king-An epic song. I don’t remember this with the scenes from the show, so now I will have to watch it again. It’s up there with Rule the Battlefield.

curse-Did not like very much, actually. One of the meh songs for me. I do like the title though.

dogfight-Wow… I loved this one in the show as well. So powerful. Reminds me of some of the Madlax songs. It makes me think of planes all the time while listening, since the title is dogfight. lol

the sword of promised victory ~Fate/Zero ver.-I don’t like this one in the beginning very much, but then the softer string part is nice. The opera part again…

babylonia: it sounds like something from Stargate Sg-1 (for those of you who don’t know it’s a mainly Egyptian themed show and the music was very similar) and I love it. There seems to be a lot of this themed music in this ost.

on the battlefield-This is one of the better vocal songs. The deep vocals are nice. (I don’t care for higher pitched voices sometimes.) The drums are nice and the horns are cool. This song is a very unique one for Yuki.

betrayer-Reminds me a bit of the new Sherlock Holmes movies. Heh This is an ehru playing, correct? I like its eeriness. Kind of a gypsy sounding song, and I thought of Loreena McKennitt as well. (Maybe she got inspired by her for this one?)

you are my king-Sniff, Rider. It will always make me think of him, he was a cool character (even if he did yell a lot). Nice and peaceful.

at peace-Hah Just wrote the word peaceful. A continuation of you are my king. Another peaceful song.

little star-Kind of a boring song. Another meh one for me.

in a nightmare-More boring.

a man in black-So cool! Lol I think Yuki is going back to her old style of Noir with this one, and it works so well. The clarinet? is awesome. It also sounds kind of Egyptian, or Middle Eastern. One of my faves as well.

painful #2-Yaaaaay the piano track! It’s too short though, short but sweet. I am in love with it and it is definitely one of my faves from the series.

dogfight #2-A very cool strings song. I enjoyed it very much in the show.
the battle to come-It’s okay, a slow battle theme.

on an island-I really enjoy this one as well. I also think of Loreena with it. It’s like her Marco Polo song. I also think of Assassin’s Creed and Kingdom of Heaven (they had very similar music.)

burning village-Did not really care for this one very much.

I will-Nice strings at the end. So peaceful.

in a foreign town-Really another with this title? Heh I like the flute.

she’s just in time-Reminds me of Madlax again. The flute is jazzy.

days gone by-I love this guitar track, I am sure ninetales does too. It reminds me a bit of inca rose from El Cazador. It is very eerie, and it’s one of the best slower songs I believe. It also reminds me a bit of the music from Deathnote.

Mission-Another Middle Eastern sounding one. Like Stargate. Hehe I just love this type of music. The title fits it perfectly as well.

mission #2-The same pretty much as mission. Not a whole lot to say.
the dream fades before dawn-A quiet song, another peaceful one.
the dream fades before dawn #2-Same as the above.
tender moment-A nice guitar song. Kind of like the Kenshin guitar songs. I like it.

this day, and never again-Ahhh, the EA song. Not what I was thinking it was going to be. So epic as well, one of my favorites. (There is a similar song in Pretty Sammy that I like as well.)

the dream fades before dawn #3-The manten slower version. Or Let the Stars Fall Down. Nice and creepy.

the world is tumbling down-A nice opera song. I like this one since it’s kind of creepy and Phantom of the Opera-ish. The strings are beautiful.
silver moon-Nice and quiet to end the soundtrack after all those vocals. Heh And to the beginning theme.

Overall I loved it. Better than the 1st as some have said. My favorites: painful #2, a man in black, dogfights 1 & 2, Babylonia, this day, and never again, you are my king, army of a king, the world is tumbling down, and on an island.



I have reached Yuki nirvana
Was it a clarinet in "A Man in Black? I'm not quite sure if it is, my twin brother was a clarinet player so... :spotlight:


I have reached Yuki nirvana

takfogger said:
now that you mention it...i guess it might be...i thought it was sax when i first listened to it
I think it's not Sax, but maybe I'm wrong, I used to listen to an Alto Sax, Flute and Clarinet everyday so I guess I can tell the difference when it's played, but I'm confused if it's an Oboe.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Golden daffodil at her window
Finally watched the last 2 episodes today and digged up this thread...:XD:..(I took so long time to be back after Rider's death...) First of all....I long for the original TTB...!!!!! Hope Yuki will put it in the next single/album. (Can it be Mirai...? to think that it's about sth. in the future...^___^.)

Ok...first...I should talked about the anime...umm...I'd like to skip everything about Rider..., but the fact that Gilgamesh didn't kill Waver made my opinion on him much better. The last two episodes are just....-*-...umm....this anime looks like it walked on various speed through its first season&23 epi in the 2nd season and began running in the last two episodes...no.. I'd say that it looks like they keep teleporting from one point to another point...leaving big gaps between the beginning and the end of many events.....what....!?!

Another big surprised for me... the scene that Sakura saw her uncle died indifferently.... how could that heartless-like girl became Sakura that we know in FSN...= [ ] =.... I feel like there is a missing link between her childhood&adult version... (While all other FZ+FSN casts like Rin, Shiro, Ilya, Kirei, Gil, etc. seems not much different in the two series...oh..sorry..I forgot Saber...Orz..) My most moving scene after the death of Rider turned to be the shot that Kiritsugu saved Shiro. It isn't that I'm happy that Shiro was rescued, but like Shiro thought, it seems like saving other really saved Kiritsugu himself from despair.

Nick Hunter said:
exactly. We all know that Ilya's alive and well (for now). And Irisviel was already dead, technically... which doesn't quite save her from getting her neck snapped AGAIN. :blood:
But since Irisviel was in fact the Grail's Will, do her words mean Kiritsugu's cursed for real? :ayashii: :omg: That's the second time this guy is getting cursed... That's not gonna end well... Oh wait, according to FSN ep 1, it didn't. :knife:
As I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), Irisviel that appeared in the grail was in fact, Angra Mainyu who is the contaminated Grail's will, and he just copied the real personality of Iri to communicate with Kiritsugu. He was actually cursed by Angra Mainyu (who appeared as Irisveil) and lost some magic ability. I read from the Typemoon wiki that one of the ability that he lost is the reason that he couldn't go to the Eintzbern castle to see Ilya. (Seems like even there is a magic barrier around the castle, Kiritsugu could break it by one of his magic. But after Angra Mainyu cursed him, he lost that ability, so he couldn't anymore.)

Ok...Time for OST review..!!! It's really nice indeed.... (Still...IMO, it's in an absolutely higher level comparing to famous PMMM OSTs...but..well...everyone has their own taste...) Thanks so much for sharing...>_______<...!!!!

Fate to zero - Hmm...what to say...comparing to Point Zero, I think the structure of the song is a bit too competitive. Maybe the same problem as Sis Puella Magica&Let the Stars Fall Down..I expected too much..=___=.. But I love the melody and the way that Eri sang this track...and overall, it's a nice track.

For him - Nice melody...but it's like a fragment of some song instead of a stand alone track...

Army of the king - Only one word....awesome..!!! Maybe a candidate to be my favourite in this album..!!

Curse - It's dark and creepy..hmm..I think I like this one..lol.

Dogfight - It's a track for Berzerker.., right? Nice&fresh... I love it so much..!!! It has cyber-vibe that made me think of her work for Xenosaga.

The sword of promised victory ~Fate/Zero ver. - Another song that I know I must love it since the first note..!!! Our beloved Mutilayered-Eri style....:dote:

Babylonia - Wait... seriously, I've thought that it's a theme for Rider for a long time...lol. But Babylonia is Gilgamesh's kingdom, right??? I love its exotic feeling and melody...!!!

On the battlefield - The beginning sounds a bit..sudden...??? I feel like it should have some intro before... but it's still an awesome battle track..!!! Love all Tokyo Konsei track for this OST..!!! Comparing to other kajiurago track, these Rider-related tracks give the feeling of the great battle in the real ancient world more than the mystery&magic-like atmosphere from other themes..:).

Betrayer - It turns out nicer than I expect... love this kind of dark&creepy track..!! lol.

You are my king - This song surprised me..!! At first, I feel that it's my least impressive track for this OST so far...you can say that I don't like this kind of song..^ ^ll....but then it turns to a strong&powerful orchestra&vocal...such a best song to describe how Waver changed bit by bit for the whole story...!!!

At peace - Even it's supposed to be a peaceful&happy track, but I think it has some glimpse of sorrow in the strings voice near the end...

Little star - A cute&beautiful song for me... I love it..^ ^.

In a nightmare - Seriously..., I wouldn't complain if my nightman has this song as a background..!!! It's dark&creepy....and I love it....

A man in black - A mysterious track...I love the woodwind voice...(we may know it when someone scan the OST booklet) Not that dark or creepy, but it full of something uncanny... Well..I think I love it.

Painful #2 - Can't remember what is Painful #1...Orz....maybe a sad variation of the Beginning of the End..? But..how can this track is painful??? It's a nice adventurous song..^ ^.

Dogfight #2 - Still love it...^ ^.

The battle to come - It sounds like a generic Yuki's OST for this kind of situation.., but I'm quite ok with it.

On an island - The exotic island theme that we wanted...!!! ^0^... It sounds nicer than I expected.

Burning village - It sounds closely related to the previous track and Yuki tends to be good for this kind of tracks...so I love it..^ ^.

I will - Very simple track with nice exotic-vibe..., but I love it anyway... it's like the finale for already-adulterated-Kiritsugu childhood themes...

In a forign town - Nice song... still has so much exotic feeling in it.

She’s just in time - Can I complain..? it's too nice to be this short..!!! Remind me of those track from girls&guns anime like Madlax or El Cazador.

Days gone by - Again.., sounds so simple, but I already fell in love with this long track..!!

Mission - Hmm....still a bit exotic for me... I love it..anyway...

Mission #2 - Still love this series of the Kiritsugu's past theme..^ ^.

The dream fades before dawn - It's sad..., but not much touching for me.

The dream fades before dawn #2 - I think I prefer this one to the previous track..

Tender moment - Hmm...I think it's more sorrowful than tender... but it isn't that sad...ok... it's another nice short track.

This day, and never again - Like On the attlefield, its beginning is a bit too sudden. It sounds like the predetermined destructive ending.., but even it ran towards the end, it ran on the great and strong intention.

The dream fades before dawn #3 - Nice sad ending for the 'old man fantasy'...lol. It's not just sad... it's full of emotion of someone losing so many things in his/her whole life... and ending with the orgel version of Manten is just...TwT....

The world is tumbling down - Ok..I really love it...both the vocal and the instrumental parts... Like Yuki said, it doesn't sound sad, but the more sorrow happen, the more vague you feel. I accept that I expected for something very awesome for the final (like Surgam Identitum for Madoka). This one doesn't meet my expectation, but it's still really nice. However, it isn't as grand as Point Zero or Fate to Zero. I guess that it has more emotional and sorrowful side in the song.

Silver moon - Nice end... it may be my favourite variation of the main theme... The calm and sorrowful, with a glimpse of hope... plus the intro from TTB... Kiritsugu already lost in his game, and now his hope was sent to the next generation...(with lower impression.. comparing to his saviour...=.=.) Nice ending track..:).

My favourite
1. The sword of promised victory ~Fate/Zero ver., Dogfight, This day, and never again
2. Fate to zero, On the battlefield
3. Army of the king, The world is tumbling down
4. Babylonia, Painful #2, Dogfight #2
5. You are my king, In a nightmare


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kagaribi no Hanabira said:
Another big surprised for me... the scene that Sakura saw her uncle died indifferently.... how could that heartless-like girl became Sakura that we know in FSN...= [ ] =.... I feel like there is a missing link between her childhood&adult version...
According to Type Moon Wiki, Sakura misunderstood Kariya's efforts to rescue her and thought that there's nothing she can do to break free from the Matou's cruelty.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@Kagaribi: Oh yes, dogfight did remind me of Xenosaga. It's just a powerful and fast song, it is for Berserker yes, when he took over the plane. heh (I thought that part was all kinds of silly, but kind of awesome at the same time, I mean it is an anime.) It's definately one of my faves. Oh and I think it is a clarinet in a man in black. Also painful was actually a slower song, I believe. So this fast version was a surprise.

I will try and scan in who played what when I get home today.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Here is the booklet. I hope it's okay enough to read, again even though I got a new scanner, it's still not the best and I did not want to ruin the book by folding it too much. So I cropped what I could. Also the other pic is of the two box sets together, which I thought was pretty cool since it makes a pentagram. Yes, I am amused easily. :dote:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^lol Nah, just got a second job. It will take me awhile to get money back. heh It was definately worth it though.

Oh, does anyone know of somewhere where the extra is subtitled? For some reason it doesn't come subtitled on the blu-ray. Strange because the episodes are.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Golden daffodil at her window

Thanks Liana :sohappy: . So they didn't tell that which musician/vocalist played/sang for which track... If they have only clarinet&flute, it should be clarinet...

murrue02 said:
Kagaribi no Hanabira said:
Another big surprised for me... the scene that Sakura saw her uncle died indifferently.... how could that heartless-like girl became Sakura that we know in FSN...= [ ] =.... I feel like there is a missing link between her childhood&adult version...
According to Type Moon Wiki, Sakura misunderstood Kariya's efforts to rescue her and thought that there's nothing she can do to break free from the Matou's cruelty.
Thanks Murrue :XD:. So now I understood her reaction.., but still... her personality at the end of F/Z is still very different from in FSN... I guess that Shiro played the big part here.... :spotlight: . I guess that if she hadn't fell in love with him.., Sakura would have grown up to be a cold&emotionless woman like she was in F/Z...


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^I agree Kagaribi-nee, Sakura did changed a lot. I thought she was more cheerful as a child, because she was so different in FSN.


Roses at her doorstep
Thank you Kowz :sohappy: And thank you for the booklet Liana!

I'm too lazy to type out how I feel about every track (I admire you all who took the time)...But I want to at least say that that chorus in 'you are my king' had me going "Kajiura-sama...You are my queen." :touched: Overall, I was pretty happy with the soundtrack. Lots of great tracks.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
No prob! I also updated them with a little bit clearer images. You can zoom in with photobucket I believe. I am loving this ost more and more. Now I really can't wait for SAO too. :dote: