English Translations to All Endings in Kara no Kyōkai by Kalafina



Hi, guys! don't if someone else has already posted this, but I am translating the lyrics of the anime series Kara no Kyōkai, which is the anime that got Kalafina started. I love all seven endings, which have very high qualities. They are Oblivious, Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku, Kizuato, Aria, Sprinter, Fairytale, Seventh Heaven, Alleluia, and Dolce. I will try to translate them all overtime, starting with Oblivious.
Hope you guys like it! I'm sticking to the original lyric, though I might sacrifice the original a little for rhymes. Anyway, I will start with Oblivious~

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Because knowing that I could fly in the sky,
I was too afraid to flap my wings and forgot about the wind.
Oblivious where are you going?
The mirage can be seen from far away.
Someday, in fear,
Our future will be reflected.

When two lonely hearts move closer to each other,
The real sadness truly begins to spread its wings.
Oblivious in the dark night,
I have dreamt of midday’s shadow.
Surely I will fall toward that light.

One day, with you, two of us (will see)
the moon, the dawn, the day, the star, the fantasy,
the summer, the winter, the time, the wind,
the water, the earth, the sky.
We go further in the destiny……

Oblivious stay by my side,
The romance is starting silently.
One day, in tremors,
We two will walk toward the future.
Oblivious where are you going?
Toward the water flowing far away
Such beautiful voice
is now singing out our future.


:hug:You Will Turn Into Light:hug:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZZArtCsvIc (The Sound Quality is Kinda Bad)

In the midst of the warm wind that was blown,
Someone’s calling has come along.
It seems to sigh for the end of the dark night,
And the dawn is about to arrive.
Tomorrow surely,
Under this beautiful sky,
The beautiful silver rainbow will appear.
For such sad scenery,
You turn into light and illuminate it,
Making every tiny tear
Fall down like shining jewels
Into the future’s embrace.

There is a forbidden secret field in everyone’s heart,
Yet we can’t help but see what’s inside.
Bruised and wounded during each contact,
We also are drawn into the repeating spiral of hesitance.
If we can walk across the bridge and reach the other side,
Tomorrow surely,
Under the noon’s sunlight,
It will be full of the spring’s sweet fragrance.
To people who wake up from dreams,
What are you searching for?

Toward this bright world,
You will walk alongside me.
As I am still stunned by the dazzling light,
You hold me quietly in your arms.
For such uncertain beliefs,
You turn to light and illuminate,
Making the tears found in the morning after I awake
All fall down like shining jewels
Into the midst of the future.


Since I learned that there are already officialtranslations on the website. Then this will just be my fan-translation :hi:
I will translate some other Kalafina songs and put it here. PEACE.


Hi @Miti66 .
We actually have a subforum for all songs written by Kajiura. You can make a thread there with all the lyrics you've translated. Makes it easier to find them.
Here: https://forum.canta-per-me.net/forums/lyrics.20/
Whenever a new song comes out we usually make a thread there to start transliterating the kanji, romaji, and then translate.
Thanks! Just wondering because those lyrics have been translated before, is it okay for me to post my own translation again?