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Crazy Dreams/Nightmares you've had


I adore Yuki
Did not see a thread like this. Apologies if there already is one.

Believe it or not, I recently had a dream where I actually meet Yuki Kajiura in person. It was the best dream I had for a long time considering I usually have Nightmares whenever I discover I'm dreaming after I wake up.

What are some of your Crazy Dream Stories?

Corpse Princess

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OH BOY! Lemme tell you! I have had all sorts of tornado dreams and I don't even know why its creepy and scary honestly lol I also had a dream few months ago that I will soon write about hopefully make it into a short story or a long one i dunno yet but yeah tornado dreams over and over is pretty scary :uh..:


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I could write several books and movies about my dreams and nightmares... I don't know where I come up with half this stuff. I mean, I watch a lot of shows, yes, but still.

The one I can really remember recently was I was helping a mad scientist create some chemical that would wipe out the planet. And then the next night, I kid you not, I was watching Dancing with the Stars because of Lindsey Stirling and her and her partner's dance was based on the sci fi theme. So he was a mad scientist and she was a robot... I had not seen it or anything before the dream. So weird. Those coincidences freak me out a little. heh

Puddle Boots

I like Yuki
I regularly have dreams in which Kalafina performs at my house and/or invites me to sing with them... And then wake up very disappointed.

Corpse Princess

Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
So the other night I had this very intense dream I woke up scared basically lol.

This weird dream had Tom Hanks in it it first started with me picking one of his movies next thing i know he and this lady are married and etc and they had 3 kids. later in this dream i was one of the children. We then moved into a new home out in the suburbs i guess? like one of those big creepy houses but its looks so nice but anyway i went into a small houseish shed like building it was messy like someone was rebuilding it, wood was everywhere and when you walk in theres another room along it with a clear looking curtain the wind blew it and you can here whispering and it got louder and someone screamed and something popped out of the curtain i dunno what it was next thing i know i am running out and the other siblings show up and i still walking away scared and i see the two boys walking to the shed and the youngest then heard whispers saying "stay behind me" "dont go any closer" and then something demonic came out and my friend woke me up.

thats it. thats the story. super weird honestly.