Consolation Through Collage

And maybe for February it would be Haru wo Matsu...? Not mentioned explicitly, that's for sure, but that's when trees start looking like they'll soon start blooming (at least over here - and Tokyo seems to have a mostly similar climate).
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fuyu no seiza or lullaby could be options for one of the winter months, and hanamori no oka might fit as February or something? (bc imagery of winter turning to spring). my long forgotten cloistered sleep has the line "sing we me a tiny autumn song"
I made another collage for the YK vol. #14 live! I put it in a clear file with scans of all the other collages pictured here (except not Door and Yume no Daichi, because I want to redo them and make them presentable) in the present box, so hopefully it reached her. This one illustrates "forest" though very superficially. There are so many things I could have put in there had I had the time/emotional energy. Instead, I'm being crushed by homework, so it just looks like a campfire, but I hope she likes it. I wanted in this case for the forest to be a metaphor for her music— take my hand and let me be inside this beautiful art, but the line that always gets me in this song is "sometimes you think loneliness is better than pain and you sink deeper in your valley" so maybe I'll go back and put in some more painful lonely stuff in a second attempt.

Let me know what you think.

This is my most recent serious collage. I actually finished it over a year ago. This one doesn't have any lyrics on it, but it is a YK song. Can you guess which one?