Boogiepop and Others. <3


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You know, I hardly see anyone praise her work on the Boogiepop and Others OST. o.o It was pretty darn good considering thats when she started gaining more recognition. There are two tracks on this album which I like immensely and they're called Nepenthe #1 and Nepenthe #2. Now, I don't know if I'm tone deaf but I seriously heard absolutely no difference in both of them...KAJIURA I APOLOGIZE! :omgwtf: But they still sound really really cool. And there are a lot of piano tracks like Sad Bird and Daphne. Those are great also. Kajiura has been great since day one! :goodjob:
waaaaa !!! my favourite are criss cross and daphne toooo xD
that's strange, it seems there are only 2 interesting song on this ost ._.
hmmm guess it was yuki's beginning in the world of ost ?
Not to mention the fact that i like boogiepop a lot, this CD is one of my favorite Kajiura's works. Seriously. It's a pure gem, a little "intimist", with a lot of piano, somewhere special, and actually very unique, between the period when she used more synthetizer, like EAT-MAN, and the period after that, that i place from NOIR to today, with her typical style that we all fell in love with.
I just LOVE this Kajiura :D
I can praise it beforehand, though I´ve never heard it, I know it´´s great. :love:
And what about Yuki´s musicals? Were they ever released at all?
The only one i know to have been released on CD is a Sakura Taisen musical in 1998. It's very so-so, there is only 7 tracks out of 20 from Kajiura, which are not bad, but one thing is sure: singers are awful. Really.
:omgwtf: wooowww i didn't know they released CD for sakura taisen T_____T

Yuki also "sort of" released 2 songs from the musical "Angel Gate" ("angel gate" and "blessing") :XD: but ooooooooo i want them allllll T_T
Do Japanese producers have problems about releasing musicals? are those not popular enough? Even in Russia musicals appear in stores shortly after the premiere...
Sorry, I saw the topic and had a nostalgic meltdown. The Boogiepop OST was my first exposure to Kajiura. Actually that's a lie. It's the first time I knew who she was (I'd heard "Obsession" before that.)

I love all the tracks...I guess Egotism and Boogiepop most, depending on my mood. Criss-Cross used to be my favorite, and I still love it. But you see, the Boogiepop series was my obsession all throught middle school, so it was inevitable that I'd love the movie soundtrack, and thus Kajiura...

I, also, want everything she's ever composed.


PS The only difference between the Nepenthes is the vocals. The one with vocals is the one featured in the movie.
I really love Forget-me-not from the Boogiepop Image Soundtrack. ^^
She's done a great job, as expected. :dote: :dote:
I wonder if "Walk this way" from "Eat-man Image Sound Track Act-2" was compossed by her because i really like that one too. :dote:
I wonder if "Walk this way" from "Eat-man Image Sound Track Act-2" was composed by her because i really like that one too.

mmm the discography section says that it was composed by Hiroshi Koizumi
Ayashii said:
I wonder if "Walk this way" from "Eat-man Image Sound Track Act-2" was compossed by her because i really like that one too. :dote:
nope it wasn't
apparently, I hear some unreleased tracks lol
tho I am not sure anymore I have almost forgotten most of the Boogiepop tracks