best of yoko shimomura

For a second I was thinking you said "Yoko Kanno" aka public enemy number one!
I know her by her work in Kingdom Hearts saga. I played Parasite Eve II (the first part didn't come out in Europe unfortunately) but I don't remember if she made the OST for the second part also.

PD: a time ago I found this file with the theme from Final Fantasy Versus XII, I'm not sure if anyone has it already but anyway, I've uploaded it to mediafire. Here is the link
wow i didn't know the VS13 theme was out already! Jin you amaze me every day O_____________O;;;

I've banned myself from my desktop today though so i can't listen to it ;___;
Must study organic..chem.. T_T

[edit] i suck i broke my own rules >_< omg i didnt know yoko shimomura wrote this!!!! OMG *obsessive fangirling* this is the best yoko ^_^ not like kanno who steals music and ono who destroys music
Yoko Shimomura also composed Somnus Nemuri, the nice theme in latin of the trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I've uploaded a ripped version I found. the shooting is quite annoying but until an official version comes out there's no other way to listen to it.
everything is so good <3>_>

I also like the legend of mana theme ^_^ but i think i liked it better when it had voices