Aimer エメ Thread

@uta93 I am part of FJC but I've missed a couple of mailings, I'll have to email my agent and ask what happened. I'll let you know when I have it. EDIT: Do you need just the scans or should I also make a rough translation?
@yuki.n Thank you so much! If you have some free time and don't mind to make the rough translation, I will really appreciate it. My Japanese is not good enough to translate an interview. Otherwise, having the scans is already good enough for me.

I'm so excited! <3

Also, the new song by Aimer for Koi wa Ameagari no you ni titled Ref:rain.
Ummm. Now I'm not an AImer expert but what are the chances of her performing under a different name for Mahoutsukai no Yome episode 14 (Kaco) since it's released through Victor?
Maybe I'm just delusional (or still sleepy) but that sounds like Aimer to me. (Spoilers for episode 14.) But I'm not that familiar with Aimer...
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@grunty Interesting observation! But no, that's not Aimer's voice. The color of the voice is different (I hope that makes sense, lol). Aimer's voice is thicker and huskier like @Westkana said. If she were to sing a song like that, I'd probably cry! xD
The ref:rain / mabayui bakari single is finally out! Time to go check out the songs. I hope they are as beautiful as the artworks are so far.
Listening to it right now!

Ref:rain was really nice, I liked the strings in the bridge and outro quite a bit!

眩いばかり was ok, it reminds me of another song (not just Akane Sasu like I mentioned on Brave-Shine).

After Rain -scarlet ver.- was also good, though I prefer the original from After Dark. This one just sounds like they took the original and pumped up the drums (especially hi-hats) :XD:

Raining, although it sounds like something that should be on DAWN, it was still really relaxing (especially after the whole tornado of news going on here on CPM XD) :dote:

(will post my review on Brave-Shine later, a bit more indepth)
@Westkana Glad to see that Aimer's songs manage to heal the wounds after the news a bit. <3
@yuki.n Thank you so so very much! I can understand that it's a huge work. I also didn't expect the interview to go so long. (I mean it's mostly 1-2 pages anyway...) <3333
Aimer & LiSA collab concert setlist, same event that Kala had with Aimer a few years ago.


Setlist source:

1. ポラリス (Polaris)
2. 星の消えた夜に (Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni)
3. 花の唄 (Hana no Uta)
5. カタオモイ (Kataomoi)
6. 蝶々結び (Chouchou Musubi)
7. Ref:rain

Aimer x LiSA
8. Brave Shine
9. oath sign

10. crossing field
11. 一番の宝物 (Ichiban no Takaramono)
12. シルシ (Shirushi)
13. ASH
14. say my nameの片想い (say my name no kataomoi)
15. Rally Go Round
16. Catch the Moment

THIS ILLUSION was mentioned in the article but not the setlist tweet. Not sure if it was performed or not.