A Tiny Sunshine Played By Lugh



Well, I haved posted this before the apocalypse... so I'm posting it again...

I played A Tiny Sunshine from the Future Soundscape I (Track 10) in my flute... Even in the beggining I say something from CPM ^^

Here is the Link, you don't need to download it, you can listen the song in the same page... And... BTW, I need a better microphone...

Aw, that is too cute! I love that song :dote: It always remind me of happy and calm sunny days, spent traveling with friends ^_^ You did a great job on the flute, it sounds really cute! :shy:
Sounds so cuuute~ Makes me wanna dance! :sohappy:
Just one thing: some of the low notes were a bit out of tune, or sounded a little under supported.
But good job on everything else! Nice vibrato :goodjob:
Thanks Winter and Merle... I'm gonna take a look of the mistakes, I know I can do better ^^
that's great Lugh!
though i haven't listened to the original song, i really like your version

how long have you been learning to play a flute?
Thanks a lot RaveD ^^

Well, I have played since I was 13 or soemthing... but I have never touched soemthing realted with teory... I play all the song that I know by ear ^^
I know I said this before but...GREAT JOB :goodjob: I really loved it especially 'cause I play the flute too :sohappy: TEACH ME VIBRATO, Lugh-sensei :please: