30th Anniversary Early BEST Collection for Soundtrack 3 CD + LE BD (December 6, 2023)

them feels...

actually the selection for the video is really good and the sections of the songs... as if they individually picked the best parts for each which I appreciate (as opposed to a random bit in the track which could have happened easily)
The studio live has its own jewel case and the whole thing is in a very sturdy box. So together with the doublestacked 3CD case for the album that really gets thick.

Both booklets (best & live) have some interview with Kajiura. For the main album it seems to be about every show.

Did Velveteen Rabbit booket come with musician credits? They have credits for the few tracks here.
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Did Velveteen Rabbit booket come with musician credits? They have credits for the few tracks here.
from what i can see from the old scans the only thing that had credits there was the seiyuu song (i never understand why labels are being cheap with a few pages of paper more)
Things about this “best of” that bothers me because I’m a maniac:
  • Iconic musics not included because they were included in Fiction 1&2.
  • The AQUARIAN AGE selection. Not enough. Nope, not even E.G.O?? Why??
  • in the beginning there was…
  • The MADLAX selection. Not enough.
  • everlasting song, it is really necessary to include it after Everlasting Songs? (I know this one is the English version).
  • Pandora Hearts -not extended- 💀
  • The collection ends with “Limits”, Melody would be better…
Things that amuses me:
  • Kajiura included paradise regained and she didn’t re-recorded vocals lol
Don't know if it's just my TV but the reprise bluray seems much brighter and more cold-blue-ish than the eplus archive video. I'm not mad at it, although the shots for Konno and Nakajima make it look like they are behind a bright haze, which I never thought from the archive video...

The video edit itself seems to be identical to the stream from what I sampled.
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Forgot to type these out yesterday for Velveteen Rabbit:

General Direction: 梶浦由記
Producer: 森 康哲(HIGHWAY STAR)

Assistant Director: 高橋日向子(HIGHWAY STAR)
Artist Management: HIGHWAY STAR / FictionJunction Music
Executive Supervisor: 井上俊次(Earkth), 松村起代子(HIGHWAY STAR)


Mastering Engineer: 袴田剛史

Disc 1


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 八ッ橋義幸(04), 古池孝浩(05,09)
A.Guitar: 古川昌義(01, 03, 06, 11)
Bass: バカボン鈴木(03), 高橋"Jr."知治(11)
Percussion: 三沢またろう(10)
Accordion: 佐藤芳明(01,06,11)
Violin: 今野 均(01,03,04)
Cello: 笠原あやの(01)
Saxophone: 矢口博康(09)
Flute: 若松純子(09)
Bagpipe: 山根 篤(05,09)
Snare: 梶浦未紀(07)
Vocal & Background Vocals: 貝田由里子(01,03,04), 笠原由里(07,10,11)

アクエリアンエイジ Sign for Evolution
Aquarian Age: Sign For Evolution

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 古池孝浩(12), 山崎 淳(13)
Bass: 高橋"Jr."知治(13)
Drums: 田中一光(13) 
Percussion: 吉崎紀康(12), 梯 郁夫(14)
Keyboards: 川村ケン(13)
Saxophone: 新井靖志(13)
Vocal: 羽山弘子(12), 仁科薫理(14)


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 稲葉政裕(15,18), 西川 進(20)
A.Guitar: 古川昌義(18)
Bass: 高橋"Jr."知治(16)
Piano: 松田真人(17)
Violin: 今野 均(15,17)
Accordion: 佐藤芳明(18)
Saxophone: 新井靖志(20)
Vocal & Chorus: EMILY BINDIGER(15,16,19,20)


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
Flute: 赤木りえ(21)
Violin: 桑野 聖(21,23)
Vocal & Chorus: 笠原由里(22)

Disc 2

ゼノサーガ エピソードII 
Xenosaga Episode II: 
Jenseits von Gut und Böse

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 西川 進(02)
Bass: 荻原"Mecken"基文(03)
Drums: 石川雅春(03)
Uilleann Pipes: Jerry O'Sullivan(01,02)
Flute: 赤木りえ(03)
Strings: Dunn Pearson Strings Orchestra(01,02), RUSH by TAKASHI KATO(03)
Vocal: Deb Lyons(01,02)
Conductor: Larry Hochman(01,02), 蓜島公二(03)
Female Choir: 東京混声合唱団(02)

ゼノサーガ エピソードIII 
Xenosaga Episode III: 
Also Sprach Zarathustra

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(08)
E.Bass: 高橋"Jr."知治(08)
Drums: 野崎真助(08)
A.Piano: 松田真人(04)
Flute: 赤木りえ(05)
Percussion: 藤井珠緒(10)
Strings: 城戸Strings(04,08,09,10), RUSH by TAKASHI KATO(05,07), 篠崎Strings(06)
Trumpet: 大倉滋夫, 久保義一(10)
Trombone: 秋山鴻市, 井口有里(10)
Horn: 阿部 麿, 久永重明, 吉永雅人, 竹村淳司(10)
Conductor: 蓜島公二(05,06,07)
Vocal & Chorus: 伊東恵里(04,08), 東京混声合唱団(05,09)
Strings Score Support: 石川洋光


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(12,13)
A.Guitar: 天野清継(14)
Bass: 荻原"Mecken"基文(13)
Drums: 野崎真助(13,15)
Flute: 赤木りえ(11,12,15)
Percussion: 梯 郁夫(14)
Violin: 今野 均(15)
Cello: 笠原あやの(15)
Strings: 今野 均Strings(13)
Button-Accordion: 桑山哲也(14)
Vocal & Chorus: 南里侑香(11,12,13,15)

ファンタジー・サウンド&リーディング ビロードうさぎ
Fantasy Sound & Reading The Velveteen Rabbit

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
A.Piano: 松田真人(17)
Flute: 赤木りえ(17)
Percussion: 梯 郁夫(16), 三沢またろう(17)
Violin: 今野 均(16,17)
Cello: 笠原あやの(16,17)
Chorus: Fion(16)


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(19,21), 馬場一嘉(22)
A.Guitar: 田代耕一郎(18,20)
Bass: スティング宮本(19,21)
Drums: 野崎真助(19,21)
Percussion: 梯 郁夫(20)
Flute: 金子隆博(19)
Violin: 今野 均(19)
Cello: 笠原あやの(19)
Vocal & Chorus: 戸丸華江(18,21,22)
Chorus: Fion(22)

HANAE TOMARU by the courtesy of PONY CANYON


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(24)
A.Guitar: 古川昌義(23)
Percussion: 藤井珠緒(23)
Strings: 城戸Strings(23)
Violin: 城戸喜代(23)
Viola: 萩原 薫(23)
Cello: 増本麻理(23)
Vocal: 笠原由里(24)
Vocal & Chorus: 貝田由里子(24)

Disc 3

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 西川 進(01,04,05), 是永巧一(09)
Piano: 松田真人(04,07,08,10)
Bass: Sting宮本(04), 高橋"Jr."知治(09)
Drums: 野崎真助(04,09)
Flute: 赤木りえ(08,10)
Percussion: 梯 郁夫(06,09,10,11)
Oboe: 広多智香(01)
Violin: 今野 均(03,04,06,07,10), 押鐘貴之(03,06)
Cello: 笠原あやの(03,04,06)
Strings: 城戸Strings(01,02,03,06,08,11,12)
Saxophone: 金子隆博(09)
Vocal & Chorus: 伊東恵里(01,04,05,09,11,12), 東京混声合唱団(01)
Conductor: 蓜島公二(01,02,03,06,08)
Strings Score Support: 石川洋光

Erementar Gerad - Elemental Gelade

All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 西川 進(13)
Strings: 篠崎Strings(13,14,15)
Conductor: 蓜島公二(13,14,15)
Vocal & Chorus: FictionJunction feat. ASUKA(14)
Chorus: 貝田由里子(14)


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(16)
E.&A.Guitar: 古川昌義(16,17,18)
Bass & Harmonica: 高橋"Jr."知治(17,18)
Drums: 野崎真助(17,18)
Percussion: 藤井珠緒(17,18)
Saxophone: 矢口博康(17)
Flute: 升本 格(19)
笛 & Quena: 旭孝(18)
Strings: 今野 均Strings(16,17,18), 城戸喜代Strings(19)
Accordion: 佐藤芳明(16,18)
Vocal & Chorus: 南里侑香(16), 貝田由里子(19), WAKANA(19)


All Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
E.Guitar: 是永巧一(20,22)
Strings: 城戸喜代Strings(20,22,24)
Vocal & Chorus: 伊東恵里(22), WAKANA(20,23), 笠原由里(24)
Chorus: 貝田由里子(20,23), 東京混声合唱団(24)
Strings Score Support: 石川洋光(20,22,24)

Aquarian Age and Velveteen Rabbit didn't have detailed credits in original releases.
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Yea, posted those first and then after adding disc1 I had to walk away without looking how the rest read. Added all of disc2&3.
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I've been listening to the albums lately and I think it's a bretty good compilation of pre-KnK Kajiura. The track order sometimes confuses me cuz I'm used to the original soundtracks' setlists. Some track choices do baffle me though, hue, and the amount of tracks each work got is unbalanced.
Some poopinions:

Disc 1
Noir: Good tracklist, but I would remove Chloe (how is this a BEST track? lol inb4 someone says it's their favorite), Snow, and Maze just so Aquarian Age and Liminality got more tracks.
Aquarian Age: Honestly, it's just missing AWAKE, which is like the main theme lol, how can you not include the main theme? The FICTION version is different and even has a slightly different title.
SIGN: It's most definitely missing Key of the Twilight and Open Your Heart, but well, FICTION lol. Still a good listen.
Liminality: Where's MAI? Reeeeee. Too few tracks, but I guess it's not that popular compared to SIGN.

Disc 2
Xeno 2: It's gut, but I would've included Chase and Communication Breakdown.
Xeno 3: Again gut, but I would sacrifice She's Coming Back and Battleland to add the Xeno 2 tracks.
Madlax: I guess she went with mostly character themes. I would've replaced We are One with Saints, just because we already got Madlax and Margalet (typo, or is that how it was originally written in the OST?)
Velveteen Bnuy: Not enough love. I would've preferred the original Hontou no Mono, and either Fuyu no Okurimono and/or Nousagitachi.
Mai HiME: Good tracks, but needs more stuff from OST 2.
Mai Otome: Poor otomes lol.

Disc 3
Tsubasa: Das a lot of Tsubasa. Makes sense cuz it had 4 OSTs, but I would've sacrificed some tracks to give Elemental Gelade some love. Also, I wouldn't call some of the tracks chosen BEST OF hue.
Elemental Gelade: Needs Kaishuu Meirei, Chigiri, and Kasukanari Aogi no Sai.
El Cazador: Needs Nadie, Inca Rose, The Ballad of a Bounty Hunter, Maxwell's Witch, and/or Moonlight Fiesta. Needs a lot more tracks hue.
Pandora Hearts: No Pandora Hearts Extended? Weird hue. Limits is a terrible track to end the album. I would've traded Limits for Will, and either ended the album with Contractor so it ends with a bang, or Melody so it ends all sweet and melancholic.

Overall, it's a fun listen. Just some weird choices at times, and very unbalanced when it comes to the amount of tracks some series' got.

Btw, anyone know the name of the singer for SOUND DECLARATION OF AQUARIAN AGE? I thought it was Kasahara hue.
Btw 2, @grunty , did you notice any improved sound quality or differences in mixing?