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This is not a forum where these things should be discussed as different members have various religions, this is a music forum, not one to talk about politics or which religion is worse.


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Pretty sure this forum doesn't have anyone endorsing mass murder though. I definitely feel disappointed in our world where people think that a senseless murder event is a excuse to push their views on people as if they are somehow related.


It doesn't matter about religion, the point is is that people died and it is a tragedy. I will say this again - if anybody is feeling sad about this or wants to express there feeling please do so here.
Many people have died since 2007 when this forum went up, and many mass murders too, but nobody made a thread, so why make it now ?


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
I don't understand. I'm not pushing any of my views on anyone. I was just sad that such a terrible thing occured and wanted to see if anybody was feeling the same way. So we could maybe talk about it and share our sorrow :(. I didn't mean to offend anyone
I wasn't directing my comments at you, just generally


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@george1234 the forum says general and spam so this post fits. not sure why you dissed laurant like that. unless you know him or her as a member from 2007 by another name and can’t tell us and you’re being too literal.

and yes there have been dozens of posts regarding shootings bombings air plane crashes etc.

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What on earth.

@Laurant is a new member so they have no control over what’s happened “since 2007”. Also, how is that even RELEVANT?

FYI George. Laurant in NO WAY implied any religion is “better”. I don’t understand where all this fury is coming from.

PS this is a music forum yes but as wat11 pointed out - this is the General & Spam section where a thread titled “Boys vs Girls” is in session. I’m pretty sure ANY topic that follows the guidelines of the forums is fair game. If mass shootings are to be excluded, perhaps the guidelines should be revised.

No one is here to discuss politics and religion. This thread was created purely for expressing condolences. READ THE TITLE.


I said it because i know the discussion will end up at these topics. wat i dont remember the dozens of threads you speak of.

i personally keep equal distance from all religions and those people who shoot innocents are crazy freaks no matter what they believe in. And i want this forum to stay neutral among religions or politics too.


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But you see George, if you keep distance from all religions - how will you ever understand them. And if you dont understand them it will be very hard to make friends with them.
Personally, i believe that if we mingle with and try understand different races, cultures, and religions then it will lead to peace EVENTUALLY. Infact, it is the people who do these terrible things which are the people which never try to reach out or understand other people.
Ok. And now I'm with george1234. Lock it. Delete it for all I care.

We are on a forum where half the active members are quite literally mourning the loss of Kalafina while the other half are doing a happy dance that Kajiura is free from producing 10+ songs a year for a band she probably never intended to continue beyond the first album (with an overlap between the two that is in for the drama).

Surely there are better places on and off the internet than here for "srstalk".