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    FictionJunction Yuuka: Aikoi (Live Version)

    Hello all, In the live version of Aikoi, Yuuka sings an additional verse before the final two choruses at the end of the song. In the video below, it can be heard at 4:45-5:05. The lyrics to this section are missing on the lyrics page, and cannot be found anywhere on the site. Therefore, I...
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    Hi this is Miti ;) let's chat about Yuki

    I deeply adore YK since 12, and I just made a Prezi about Kalafina can take a look and leave me some comments. Also I copied and translated some lyrics of Yuki. Find me out @ and...
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    Let's detect Kajiura Go

    Let's understand Kajiura more accurately detecting Kajiura Go. Kajiura Go in "Sis puella magica!" detected by Believer samia dostia alia ditia tolia dito aldola cestia molia malia ditia soli aldito asola semalia ditti i solta aldola solivia doche fiola aldito samalia doche i fia lio lola fia...
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    Let's analyze Kajiura Go

    Let's understand Kajiura more deeply by analyzing Kajiura Go. Currently known rules of Kajiura Go by Believer Phoneme Vowel a, i, u, e, o Consonant k, s, sh, t, ch, d, n, h, f, v, m, y, l, w Period s, n, l, r Sound Type T0 Vowel T1 Consonant + Vowel T2...
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    Hey, I just wondered what the background lyrics are in Aria for the stanza where Hikaru sings: "Nee hito wa itsu made hitori de Futari ni kogarete iku no darou Mada kimi no kirei na mirai wa Hajimatta bakari" It's only the first line that is different, but all I can clearly make out is "kono...