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Hello all,

In the live version of Aikoi, Yuuka sings an additional verse before the final two choruses at the end of the song. In the video below, it can be heard at 4:45-5:05. The lyrics to this section are missing on the lyrics page, and cannot be found anywhere on the site.
Therefore, I wondered if anyone with the ability to would kindly write up the lyrics (only about two lines worth) in English, Japanese and romaji, and secondly whether this should then be added to the Aikoi lyrics page in some way.


Thank you.


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It's not very clear, so I'm not sure I hear it correctly... something like "ai wo sawaritakute, kawaranu hibi no naka"


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Off topic but damn, forgot how much more sterile vol11 seemed compared to vol4.


Vol.4 was filled with retouch and filtering but I still prefer that one because Nozaki was on drum and the live vol.4 version has so much energy compared to live vol.11 and the actual recording which both sounded very lazy. Yuuka sounded like she went to record her vocal straight from the bed after waking up on the original recording version. Imho Yuuka lives are the only Kajiura related live where every live version trumps recording version. Kalafina and 4FJ are hit and miss.