1. Hayden K.

    Madlax Mix instrumental??

    Is there any sort of instrumental of Madlax Mix in the concert arrangement that I’ve skipped over? Or might anyone be skilled and/or interested enough to create one? I’ve been looking pretty desperately :rain: Thank you for responding!
  2. C

    Sharing some covers <3 [Magia, Sprinter, and more!]

    So I was involved in a bunch of YK covers, from my solo channel(KikyoCovers), Nostra Harmonia (Previously CantaPerMeCovers), and a duet group (Soleil). Here's a few: Solo: Lirica Kimi no Gin no Niwa Sprinter One Light Duet: Magia Nostra Harmonia: Mune no Yukue Seiya Red Moon All but Red Moon...