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  1. Argonir

    Happy Birthday Wakana

    It's the 10th already in Japan, and so this thread I wanted to dedicate to celebrating the 33rd birthday of the Shark Goddess herself. Happy birthday, Wakana!
  2. Argonir

    Happy Birthday Keiko

    Since it's already the fifth of Dec in Japan, I thought I'd take the opportunity to create a thread devoted to Keiko's birthday, and wish our contralto goddess all the best on her 33rd year of life. She's never going to read this but still...
  3. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2016 [Project Completed and forwarded to YK]

    Head here for previous projects and here for last year's . Yuki Kajiura is celebrating this year her 50th Birthday. Should we make one for this year ? Not much to thank her about for 2015-16, she has been mostly inactive (except Bokumachi and Kalafina). Will have to look at older threads for...